Pledis Entertainment unveiles new girl group ‘Hello Venus’

17 Apr

Pledis Entertainment has been going through some changes with the release of their highly anticipated boy group ‘NU’EST‘; also adding another member on to After School; now a new girl group has been released. Their title: ‘Hello Venus‘.

On April 17th, Pledis Entertainment updated their homepage with their new group. This is the second rookie group of Pledis to be revealed this year along with NU’EST that debuted in March.

Hello Venus have six members: Yoo Ara, Nara, Alice, Ra Im, Yoonjo, Yooyoung. The meaning of the groups name is that they possess the lively and friendly feeling of “Hello” and beauty which grants them the “Venus” name.

Yoo Ara and Yoonjo are alreadt famous from their trainee days. Nara has received praise for her model pose, Alice is famous for her visuals and unique voice, Ra Im is a powerful rapper and the 95-liner maknae Yooyoung shows a very cute image . The group looks like a very interesting one with different talents and colours to show.

Pledis Entertainment released a statement saying, “Hello Venus will depart from the classical image as the female god Venus, as they will greet the public with their friendly appearance as the new 21st century.”

Hello Venus will official debut in May andthay are already filming the msuic video and participating in photoshoots.

Look out for this amazing new Pledis group: Hello Venus.

source: allkpop


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