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BIGBANG – Monster [MV]

2 Jun

Yep! You saw that one coming ~ Big Bang – Monster!

I really have no words for this MV but check it out here.

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All Big Bang’s teaser now released for ‘MONSTER’ MV

1 Jun

As of 120602 00:00am (KST) all the MV teasers for Big Bang’s upcoming single ‘Monster were released.

So which one was your favourite teaser?? Are you looking forward to hearing the whole song?? Tell me in the comments below!!

Pixie Lott and GD&TOP’s ‘Dancing on my own’ is to be released worldwide!

7 Apr

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T.O.P’s first kiss was infront on his Mom

5 Apr

On the latest episode (April 3rd) of SBS’ Strong Heart, Big Bang‘s TOP revealed a shocking story from his childhood when MC Lee Seung Gi asked TOP about his first kiss.

TOP started to share his childhood story by saying, “I’m not sure exactly how old I was, but I do remember the scene,” he said.

TOP surprised everyone in the studio with his confession, as he went on to say, “When I was young, I wanted to show my mom my first kiss with a girl, so I asked my mom to come outside of the house for a moment. When she stepped outside, I beckoned my girlfriend who was hiding from behind the trash cans and confidently kissed her in front of my mom.”

TOP then realised the shocked reactions of all the other guests after he has shared his story. Showing his regret, he remarked, “Why did I share this story again?”

Netizens commented after the broadcast saying, “No wonder he’s nicknamed ‘Bingu'”, “That’s not an easy thing to fo in front of your mom”, “I’m jelous of that girl.”


source: allkpop


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T.O.P has only had 3 girlfriends?

4 Apr

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G-Dragon gave Minzy a back hug?

3 Apr

On the upcoming episode of Strong Heart, Minzy shared an interesting story of an encounter she had with G-Dragon.

The next episode of Strong Heart will be a continuation of last weeks ‘YG Special‘ episode.

This time, 2NE1’s Minzy shared a story that occured during the days when G-Dragon was promoting for ‘Heartbreaker‘. “When Jiyong oppa was actively promoting ‘Heartbreaker’, his good looks captured all the hearts’ of female fans and he ended up catching the ‘prince charming syndrome’.”

She then went on to say, “During that time period, I ran into Jiyong oppa at a beauty salon. He suddenly came up to me and gave me a back hug, and he even whispered into my ears.”

GD then reenacted the scene and said, “It’s a habit of mine.” Which caused the studio to burst into laughter.

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Translated by choiwj @ allkpop.com

G-Dragon: “When I see TOP’s naked body, it’s erotic”

27 Mar

On the YG Special of Strong Heart, G-Dragon gave us a very peculiar ‘GTop’ moment as he revealed that he saw TOP‘s body and felt that it was erotic!

“When I see T.O.P’s body I think it is erotic.”

GD went on to say,“Usually T.O.P is never naked. He even has his own dress room that is how much he does not expose himself. That is why whenever T.O.P does expose his body it surprises everyone. When we were at foreign countries, T.O.P’s naked body felt erotic even though we are both men.”

Big Bang’s leader also said, “After T.O.P works out he asks me to touch his body. Not even our members that always work out like Taeyang or Daesung does that.”

People on set were quite surprised at GD’s words but it sounds quite comical.

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