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MV review for Teen Top’s ‘To You’

30 May

Wassup followers!

After seeing the full released MV in my subsription box on YouTube, I watched it straight away and I was amazed from the beginning to end. It was actually better than I expected!

I thought I definitely have to do some kind of reaction/review on wowkpop.

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what you’ll see from wowkpop

29 May

Yes! That’s right! I will be making some changes… but have no fear ~ they will be AWESOME!

When I first set up wowkpop I had all these ideas for it, that it was going to be quite personal so I could be interract and talk with my followers but it turned out that that wasn’t the case. I had a few Op-Ed’s but most of the news I would put up, I tried to keep completely unbiased ~ like I was writing a proper news article.

It was actually during my haitus that I figured that all my blog posts mainly consisted of was kpop news ~ I thought with other sites like allkpop, soompi, hellokpop,omgkpop, blah blah blah… WHY would they come here for their kpop news? I figured that if I wanted wowkpop to do well, I had to make it different. Posting up kpop news like other sites just wouldn’t do, plus I am not interested in EVERY SINGLE kpop group under the eastern sun and I think my biases were showing anyway, especially since they were promoting around the time I was operating wowkpop.

But NOW… I know the direction that wowkpop will take. From now on, there will be all Op-Eds instead of kpop news on every idol. And still have no fear because it will be awesome. And because they are my opinion, I will be fangirling A LOT (i need this) lol ~ and because I will be fangirling a lot, I will obviously be talking about my biases, but don’t worry cuz they are mostly your biases TOO seeing  as I like almost all the kpop groups ~ seriously! Here are some of my faves:

BIGBANG; Super Junior; EXO; SHINee; Girls Generation; f(x); TVXQ; MBLAQ; Rain; IU; Jay Park; Lee Hyori; 4minute; T-ara; Infinite; U-Kiss; Rania; 2NE1; loads more…

So as you can see, I have lot of kpop biases 🙂 As you can see by the tags I’m really into BIGBANG (my forever #1 ~ VIPs FTW) and EXO right now but there will be a range of Op-Eds. I already have a few planned and have been thinking a lot about them so PLEASE look forward to my interesting opinions and CRAZY FANGIRL RANTS.


~Mrs Sasmi Jong In Kim ❤

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29 May

That’s right!! wowkpop is finally BACK!! I am very excited.

First of all I would like to say thank you to those who waited for the comeback of wowkpop! I really appreciate it.

Secondly I want to apologise for my absence but now I would explain in full for those who have not read the text in the side bar…

So basically, I had a two weeks break from college and I spent a lot of that time working on that blog and becoming completely and utterly obsessed with EXO. My mother would always ask what I was doing and I would tell her that I was working on this blog but she never did see the importance of this blog and at one point threatened to take my laptop away (mostly cuz I needed to prepare for my upcoming exams). A similar situation happened with a fellow blogger friend of mine (shout out to exotown!) where her mom actually DID take away all internet access from her 😦 . It was at that point that it hit me because I saw great things happening for this blog, so I decided to reluctantly  take a break from this blog… the last thing I wanted was my laptop taken away. If you want to survive, you do not take internet access away from an obsessed  kpop fangirl so… I completely stopped this blog that I LOVED doing and I completely took myself away from me2day which I was also on a lot (i managaed to somehow get myself a twitter addicition in the process but that’s another story lol) and 6 weeks went by where I  prepared for my exams (which are all done with as of today). Now I’m back with some crazy new ideas of how this blog is actually going to take a dramatic turn soooo… LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!

Since my time is up as the comeback was supposed to be at 7 on the dot and it’s now 7:09 I will stop here…

But be sure to stay for my next post which will be up very soon, telling you how this blog will be going through awesome changes and another project which you could possibly participate on whcih will be up by the end of the week!

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-Mrs Sasmi Jong In Kim ❤

a tribute to Kai ~ A Whole Other World♥

9 May

made for my hubby Kai 🙂 enjoy!

this video was made personally by me Sasmi! xD