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Ridiculous Assumptions Made About Kpop Fans

28 Jul


Firstly, I must apologise for not writing a post in so long; the next paragraph will explain.

So it’s finally time to write another post. You know why? Because I’m angry. I’m angry at the narrow-minded people not just in other countries, but the people that I know personally. Now, I don’t want to disrespect anyone, but seriously I just don’t get how some people’s minds work.

I was actually planning on writing a post like this after reading a post by Angry Kpop Fan and finding that I had been through the exact same thing, being a kpop fan (you probably have too). Continue reading

EXO Kai Featured in Inkigayo Magazine

25 Jun

exo kai

Oh My Gosh ~ EXO were featured in Inkigayo magazine and I just love the way that they described Kai!
“He makes eye contact with everyone in the audience on a regular basis and he doesn’t hesitate to express his affection with his cool and low voice that makes you want him to speak more… The best way to describe the charms of Kai is “undefinable”.”


EXO were featured in the June 2012 issue of Inkigayo magazine.

Check out Kai‘s part here…


Birthdate : 1994. 1. 14

Blood Type :  A

Psychic Powers : Teleportation

Position : Main Dancer

Speciality : Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, locking)

How many singers are capable to give a dramatic feeling with their dance are there? There is no other word but “art” to use to describe the god-given aptitude Kai possesses. When he gets on stage, his unique dreamlike gaze gets wild, you can see a dark aura coming from him. Moreover, if you look at his appearance capable to make a puppet of his fans, you would think he and the maknae Sehun do ‘oppa cosplay’. Even with his pokerface that gives a strong impression and makes it impossible to know what’s inside of him, this man is surprisingly famous for his breathtaking fan service…

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My Bias List – part 3

14 Jun


My Bias List..

KPOP Terminology: “Bias”: the favourite group a kpop fan has or the favourite member of said group the kpop fan has 🙂

This is a concept that kpoppers get very excited when talking about it. The list of top favourite groups and their biases from those groups. This subject is something that I find very interesting when hearing about others’ bias lists and I always have fun sharing mine on the internet in some form. I’ve never done it in full though, so as someone who loves a wide spectrum of k-pop groups, my bias list is long but I will only explain my absolute top groups that I follow the most and love the most and get me excited the most! The rest I will include in a less detailed form.

My bias list will include my fav groups (from most favourite to least favourite); my bias in that group and my favourite song from that group.

So… here we go! Continue reading

EXO have the same choreographer as Usher?

18 Apr

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EXO Debut Stage Extravaganza [Coming Soon…]

11 Apr

SM Entertainment’s new leading rookie groups EXO-M and EXO-K have officially made their debut. EXO-K debuted on 8th of April on SBS’ Inkigayo, and EXO-M debuted on the same day at the ’12th yin yue feng yun bang awards’ in Beijing, China. Since SM Entertainment first officially announced their new boy group (originally called ‘M1’ as a code name) in January 2011, the fans have been teased continuously. Now the time has come, the 12 members of EXO are no longer just trainees and have gained fans from all over the world, not just Korea and China, even though their debut was just on April 8th! They have proved themselves to be an absolute super group with an awesome breakout music video and exciting energy-filled stages to debut.

This ‘Debut Stage Extravaganza’ will follow the boys of EXO on their debut stages, telling the stories of what went on on-stage and what was not shown on camera, also with photos and footage from both EXO-M and EXO-K’s debut stages.


This weeks Kpop Music Mondays is… EXO – MAMA

9 Apr

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EXO-K and EXO-M release mini-album ‘MAMA’

9 Apr

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EXO-K and EXO-M release music video for ‘MAMA’

7 Apr

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EXO-K and EXO-M reveal audio for ‘MAMA’.

7 Apr

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SM release entire complete EXO showcase [ENG SUB]

7 Apr

The full footage of EXO‘s showcase that was held on 31st March in Seoul, previously reported on by wowkpop, has now officially been released by SM Entertainment. Now you can watch the entire showcase from beginning to end. Continue reading