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JJ Project release 2nd ‘Real JJ’ episode

11 Jun

real jj project

JJ Project’s second episode of ‘Real JJ’ has been uploaded via YouTube.

The footage in this episode, shows JJ Project at their fansigning and them playing with their fans.

The two of them are so cute!!

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Wonder Girls release Dance Version of ‘Like This’ [HD]

5 Jun

Wonder Girls have released footage of a dance practice version of ‘Like This so you can learn the dance.

You can actually really appreciate the dance in this video; it looks like a lot of fun!

You can watch it here!


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Wonder Girls – Like This [MV]

2 Jun

Make sure to support the Wonder Girls on their comeback!

I’m really excited to see more of the Wonder Girls ~ I absolutely love this song ~ it reminds me of a Beyoncé song.

It seems like the Wonder Girls are trying to create another dance like the ‘Tell Me’ revolution. Lol.

Check out the music video here!!

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JYP Entertainment files lawsuit against netizen behind malicious twitter attack

18 Apr

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2PM and 2AM release trailer upcoming documentary movie ‘Beyond the Oneday’

14 Apr

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JYP Entertainment to take legal action against Twitter account harrasing SoHee

9 Apr

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Another Real 2PM episode – Eversense making film

3 Apr

The boys are back with another episode of Real 2PM. The segment is uploaded on their YouTube channel and shows behind-the-scenes footage of what the members get up to on the sets of CFs and other events.

This time, footage is shown of the making of 2PM‘s newest CF for Eversense. You can see the boys making jokes and messing around on set and also making funny msitakes during filming. You can see how close they are as a group as they make fun out of everything that they do.

Check out the footage below. 


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Nichkhun wins ‘Most Influential Person’ award at Thailand’s Kerd Awards

31 Mar

2PM‘s ‘Thai Prince’, Nichkhun had been nominated for an award at Thailand’s KerdAwards. Now Nichkhun has won the honourable award of ‘Most Influential Person‘!

When Nichkhun went up on stage to accept his award 2PM’s most recent Korean hit song ‘Hands Up’ was played. In Nichkhun’s acceptance speech, he stated, “I’m just a child who always gives my full effort to those that I love. This is for the people who love me, for all my fans, and for the Thai people to make them proud. This award gives me so much motivation to continue to proudly work hard. I wish everyone good health and Thank you.”

Later on, he updated his twitter with even more thanks: “Thanks to everyone for their moral support this award means so much to me. I would also like to give thanks to @Woodytalk. Again, thank you to all of you who came out to the awards ceremony today. Thank you HOTTEST! ♥”

Congratulations Nichkhun on your win!


Welcome to WOW♥KPOP

14 Mar


Hi guys,

Sasmi here (owner/founder of wowkpop)

Welcome to wowkpop the site for all lovers of Kpop! With super fast updates on your favourite Kpop idols and my own opinions on scandals and issues in the Korean entertainment circle.

I will be blogging about K-pop news that is important to me and other fans out there (you might see a bit of my biases ♥ lol)

There will be articles (Op-Ed) where I will give my opinion heavily on things and there will be articles that are shorter, neutral and more to the point. I hope to get to know you guys better so we can talk and I can know what you guys want to hear about. I hope to let you know me on a more personal level and that is why I am including a more personal touch to this blog.

You will see lots of variety with wowkpop: MV reviews; album reviews;K-drama reviews/rants; Kpop couples; lyrics; my pet peeves; my biases and more (whatever u request!).

You request it; I’ll blog about it!

I hope you enjoy your time here on wowkpop and come back everyday for updates on what’s going on in the Korean music industry and much much more..

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– love Mrs Sasmi Jong In Kim ♥  (Sasmi for short)