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My response to Yang Hyun Suk’s “The idol-fad is over”

30 Sep

CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk was interviewed recently and in one portion of the interview he said that the “idol fad” is over. Of course this has given kpop fans a lot to think about and made me want to write a post responding to what YG said. I think, it’s best that you read the article if you have not done so already before you read my response. 🙂

When reading this article, my greatest confusion was over the word “fad” lol. Either Yang Hyun Suk actually did say this or it was put in the translation. What I think he meant by this is that the idol “era” is over, or idols being the centre of success in the music industry is over. Idols are the most successful and carry the hallyu wave strongly than ever today. But is this all over? Continue reading


Winners of 2012 Big Bang Global Cover Contest revealed

17 Apr

Winners for the ‘2012 BigBang Global Event’ have been revealed. Continue reading

YG releases trainee video for Kim Eunbi and Euna Kim

6 Apr

YG Entertainment has released a clip of two of their trainees singing to Sam Sparro’s hit song, ‘Black and Gold’. The two trainees seen in the video are already known to the public eye as Kim Eunbi is a former contestant from Superstar K2, and was confirmed as a member of YG’s new and upcoming girl group in November 2011. It was announced on April 4th that Euna Kim had joined the YG company as a trainee and had been training for the last few months making excellent progress. Euna Kim was a former contestant on Superstar K3.

Now the girls have joined for a video just released on YG’s YouTube channel.

Check out the video below!


What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below!

Yang Hyun Suk thinks CL is very ugly

28 Mar

CL revealed something quite shocking about YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

On March 27th, the YG Special episode of Strong Heart was aired and all YG artists revealed very honest things about themselves. CL at one point was asked if she had any negative feelings or was dissatisfied with Yang Hyun Suk. And she replied, “I actually do. He keeps saying that I’m ugly.”

“He bluntly tells me that I’m ugly. CEO Yang once visited us while we were rehearsing for our concert. I didn’t have any makeup on at that time and when he saw me, he told me ‘You’re very ugly’, she revealed. CL then went on to say, “We were just rehearsing so none of us had makeup on, but after hearing those words, I was a little hurt by it.”

Poor CL.


Preview for YG Family special on Strong Heart released

21 Mar

Lee SeungGi’s last episode MC-ing on Strong Heart was actually the YG Family Special episode.

This special episode in highly anticipated as it will feature artists from YG Entertainment, including: Big Bang, 2NE1, Sean, Psy, Tablo, Gummy, Se7en.

Because this episode is anticipated by fans from all over the world it is said to be the best episode on Strong Heart yet!  The episode will air on March 27th.

Check out the preview below!


BIGBANG mentioned in Refinery29 with One Direction

21 Mar

Big Bang has been getting a  lot of attention in the west lately (especially win the US) with a mention in Time magazine and recent collaboration with popular British singer, Pixie Lott. Now Refinery29, a shopping and beauty wesbsite has written an article on Big Bang entitled: “This Korean Boy Band Shows One Direction How Badass Is Done.”

Refinery29 were very interested in Big Bang’s ‘out-there’ unique fashion.

You can check out the article here.


BIGBANG wins Inkigayo mutizen

18 Mar

SBS Popular Music/ Inkigayo put on another great show today with comeback stages from 2AM with ‘I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me’; B1A4 with ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ and Lyn with ‘Teddy Bears’.

NU’EST made their Inkigayo debut with ‘Face’.

F.T. Island had their goodbye stage for their song ‘Severly’.

This weeks Take 7 included Ailee; MBLAQ; Se7en; F.T. Island; K.Will; missA, and BIGBANG

but the winner that came out on top this week was Big Bang.

Congratulations Big Bang!


Today’s Winner

MC Cuts with B1A4




BIGBANG release a preview of their Japanese single: Feeling

17 Mar

VIPs are up for a treat! A preview of BIGBANG‘s next Japanese single: Feeling has been released!

The Japanese internet provider OCN released it as it will be the opening theme for TV Aichi’s new anime Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Prime which premiers on April 7th.

The track is said to be included in the Japanese version of BIGBANG’s Alive mini album, which will have 10 tracks: Japanese versions of the original songs on the Alive mini album and also Feeling and Ego specifically written for the Japanese listeners. There will also be a special bonus on the album: a Japanese version of Haru Haru!

BIGBANG’s next Japanese single: Feeling is produced by BOYZNOIZE and G-Dragon.




BIGBANG’s 5th Mini Album: Alive [Album Review] part 2

14 Mar

5. It’s not funny/Ain’t no fun

LOVE IT. Every time I listen to this song, I always imagine a really cool swag dance routine. Ain’t no fun has that coolness we are used to with BIGBANG but it also has a new sound which is really good to hear.

This is  probably the most interesting song on the album in my opinion. The way that BIGBANG sing in the verses is unlike how I’ve ever heard them sing on any of their other tracks or albums. It’s hard to explain and it’s best if you listen to the song yourself but you can tell they were having fun with this song and trying something new.  Like in Bad Boy, GD and TOP share the chorus but at different points in the song. Their voices make an awesome contrast and that’s a big reason why I love them as a sub-unit group. TOP sounds kind of… how do I say it.. out of it (?) in his version of the chorus. I could picture him doing the ‘migraine skank’ at this part. But I love it and the way all the members sing on this track  makes it really interesting. This is definitely one of my favourites on the album; probably my favourite after Bad Boy and the next track…

6. Fantastic Baby

Wow, fantastic baby.. What can I say, I’m in love with this song too. I think everyone loves Fantastic Baby. The fans’ response whenever BIGBANG perform this song live is amazing. They really get into the song. The release of the Fantastic Baby music video was like the release of ‘Tonight’ for BB’s 4th mini album last year: immense.

This is that special song on the album for all those people who just can’t stick ballads and love the really big powerful dance tracks. This song is the explosion I was looking for in Blue. I’m really glad they made a music video for this song because it just makes it that bit better, although I think the music video is really weird, but that’s a story for another time…

From Daesungie’s first big note, we hear the sudden effective “Wow, fantastic baby.” The song breaks out from being still into an explosive dance for the chorus. That’s why this song is so infectious. The lyrics fit really well because it really does make you want to dance. In fact, I can’t even listen to this song without dancing, it’s impossible. My favourite part of the song has to be T.O.P’s “Boom shakalaka”! Only a handsome blue-haired man with natural swag overflowing from his bones can make “Boom shakalaka” sound SO SEXY ❤

Fantastic Baby is a song that sets an image of BIGBANG all their VIPs letting loose and having fun at a club. After the hardships they’ve had through the past year, it’s nice that they can now let go of that and have fun on stage with Fantastic  Baby.

I’ll go ahead and put the live version up because the energy in their performances of this song is absolutely AMAZING..

7. Wings

Finally, last but definitely not least, is Daesung’s anthem-esque song: Wings. Daesung really deserved a solo track on this album and I was really happy when I saw that he did. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from this song, because I didn’t really like ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ that much and I only listened to Wings in full when I received my copy of the album. But when I heard it, I really loved it straight away, especially as the chorus hit. It reminds me of one of those old Jonas Brothers songs as it is pop-rock inspired but it also crosses over to a dance back track as well. This song seems to cover a few genres of music and I love how they managed to do that so beautifully.

The aspect that really makes the song special is Daesung’s voice. I really believe he has the best and most powerful voice in all of YG. This album is really showing off Daesung’s vocals especially in Fantastic Baby and Wings, whereas in BB’s 4th mini album I remember being dissapointed that Daesung didn’t get much lines. I’m glad Daesung has finally been getting his time to shine recently.

Wings really is a nice ending to the fun roller coaster ride of the album. The lyrics also seem to be be breakup related but contain positive lyrics that make you feel good and again take you away from what could be a very depressing song. Overall this is a real feel good song, containing the motivational lyrics of:

Today, it’s okay, shout out louder yeah – good things will happen
It’s alright for tonight since it’s so beautiful so cry louder yeah
I will hug you, at this moment just fly high and jump


BIGBANG’s 5th Mini Album: Alive [Album Review]

14 Mar

What’s up K-poppers!

This is the first ever Kpop album review from wowkpop and it’s my favourite Kpop group: BIGBANG!

As you all know, BIGBANG recently released their 5th mini album: Alive and my physical copy finally arrived at my door  yesterday, so I’m going to give my view on the album. Anyway enough of my rambling: here’s for the review.

The physical copy of the album is of very high quality, the from cover is real metal and the album’s logo has been cut out fo the front to get an awesome artistic, futuristic effect.

The first track; the intro: Alive

Alive has a strong drum beat but also sounds like your typical dance song from BIGBANG. I’m really liking this intro, even though it hasn’t received that much love and I know why. It isn’t one of those intros that blow your socks and makes you want to hear a full version of it, e.g. U-Kiss – Before Yesterday; Beast – Before the Shock; Super Junior – Superman (just to name a few). But it’s still quite an enjoyable intro that really does make you feel ‘alive’ and fits well into the rest of the album. 🙂

2. Blue

The first track to be released from the album as a single is… (please don’t hate me) not my favourite song on the album.

The first time I heard this song, I was bobbing my head to it but not really fangirling about their big comeback song. I was expecting something explosive since it had been so long since we had heard them sing together but I didn’t really get that explosion. It’s not because it’s like a ballad, because I’m not one of those people who won’t like a song just because it’s a ballad, in fact I do quite enjoy more mellow songs as well as the big dance tracks, but as a comeback song, I don’t think Blue was a good choice as the first track to release.

Although, if I think about it, I can understand their logic behind their choice. After a year of hardships and an almost break-up, they probably wanted their fans to hear their sorrow, rather than break out into a big dance track leaving their sorrows behind. It was probably a graceful gesture for them to release Blue first and it is still quite an enjoyable song. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Although I probably do still enjoy the other songs on the album more than blue.

3. Love Dust

Love Dust is a refreshing song. It sounds like a BIGBANG song but a little bit of will.i.am inspiration to it as well. The song is about a breakup although the music is quite happy and creates an interesting contrast. I suppose the song was composed this way as to make it a break up song that won’t make you depressed, and I like that. 🙂 This is quite a popular song from the album and I can understand why, it reminds me of the kind of tracks they would put out back in 2007 or ’08, but it’s still a very modern sound.

4.Bad Boy


I absolutely ADORE this song. Bad Boy straight away became my favourite song as soon as the full version was released. Even when the teaser video for this song came out, I fell in love with the little segment of the song that I heard. It sounded like proper RnB and I’m definitely a fan of RnB. In the teaser, we only got to here Taeyang’s part in the chorus and I loved his voice in the song; I actually wanted the whole song to just have his voice on it. I couldn’t imagine the whole song with the other BIGBANG members and I thought it would ruin the song to hear the other members voices on it. Then I watched the longer Naver version of the teaser and hearing GD’s voice, I totally changed my mind.

You can just imagine what I was like when the MV came out and I finally heard the whole song. DAYUMM! I fell in love! If  a human being could marry a song, I would marry BIGBANG’s Bad Boy. GD’s “Uh … yeeah yeaah” in the beginning is just… LOVE *fangirl moment* and Daesung’s part – I love; I learnt the lyrics straight away. I also absolutely adore the chorus, it sounds so cool when GD sings it, and TOP’s version of the chorus gives off a totally different feel. The song over all is just on a whole other level of SWAG.

I love it because it reminds me of their music they put out in their gangsta days of 2006. They were very RnB and Hip Hop inspired back then and I miss that. This song allows you to reminisce back to those days but still seeing them as their new style that they have now…

Another thing to note: this song is perfect for doing the dougie XD…

Check out part 2 of the review.