Girls’ Generation release MV for ‘I Got A Boy’ – 1st post of 2013

1 Jan

Bringing in over 1 million views within just 1 hour of it’s release, Girls Generation have made an incredible to start to the year with the release of their crazily addictive music video ‘I Got A Boy’.

Girls' Generation

And this song IS very addicitive. I’ve got it playing right now as I write this lol.

It’s definitely unlike any other style or concept that they’ve ever had, first time I watched the music video I was surprised even after seeing all the teaser pictures that were released prior and the teaser videos. The style is incredible; so colourful and fun, just like the song.

At first I felt like the song was all over the place (kind of how I felt after listening to Mr. Simple for the first time). I didn’t know if the first part by Sooyoung and Yuri was an introduction and I didn’t know where the song started funnily enough. ‘I Got A Boy’ is made of what we heard in the first video teaser that was shown at the end of ‘Dancing Queen’. I originally thought those were two separate songs but they are actually one song! -If that makes sense- ‘I Got A Boy’ sounds like it keeps changing from two completely different songs at first which makes it sound so random but as you start to listen to it more times, it sounds absolutely genius. I absolutely love the new style in hair, fashion and music that this song brings. And what a great start to 2013!

If you haven’t watched it already I highly recommend it!

Extra info: Girls’ Generation’s Comeback Show ‘Romantic Fantasy’ will air tonight at 11:15 KST and it will feature Chanyeol, Suho and Sehun from EXO-K, Henry from Super Junior M and Krystal from f(x)! Sounds exciting! Try and catch that if you can. [cr: SMTownengsubs] The show is on MBC.

[Image from Soshified]


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