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Girls’ Generation – Romantic Fantasy – FULL SHOW 130101

1 Jan

Girls’ Generation’s comeback show aired today on MBC at 11:15PM KST, incase you missed it, here it is!


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My Complete BIAS List (Top 20)

20 Jun


My Bias List..

KPOP Terminology: “Bias”: the favourite group a kpop fan has or the favourite member of said group the kpop fan has 🙂

This is a concept that kpoppers get very excited when talking about it. The list of top favourite groups and their biases from those groups. This subject is something that I find very interesting when hearing about others’ bias lists and I always have fun sharing mine on the internet in some form. I’ve never done it in full though, so as someone who loves a wide spectrum of k-pop groups, my bias list is long but I will only explain my absolute top groups that I follow the most and love the most and get me excited the most! The rest I will include in a less detailed form.

My bias list will include my fav groups (from most favourite to least favourite); my bias in that group and my favourite song from that group.

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SM Entertainment releases 3rd teaser video for movie ‘I Am’

5 Apr

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Jessica and Lee Dong Wook are dating?

3 Apr

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SM Town live World Tour to start in May!

3 Apr

I hope they come to London XD

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Yuri’s perfect figure

2 Apr

A photo of Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri at an opening event for a department store was uploaded on to an online community site and quickly became a hot topic.

In the photo, even though Yuri was wearing a loose-fiiting shirt, her figure could still clearly be seen. It was Yuri’s legs that caught netizens’ attention.

Fans commented, “Her beauty is really stunning”, “Her legs are so pretty”, “Her body is perfect even without Photoshop”, and “This is the definition of golden ratio”.

SM Entertainment clears up Jessica’s plastic surgery rumours

29 Mar

Two photos surfaced recently on the internet entitled: ‘Jessica put on a little weight while talking a break from work, looks good.” One of the photos was taken at a recent SNSD concert in Malaysia, the other was from KBS2’s ‘Wild Romance’.

Because Jessica looked a lot thinner in the ‘Wild Romance‘ photo than than the concert photo, netizens continued to speculate that Jessica had had plastic surgery since filming ‘Wild Romance’.

Jessica”s agency, SM Entertainment decided to clear the rumours up once and for all and stated, “She definitely did not have plastic surgery.” They also said that during Jessica’s filming of ‘Wild Romance’, she had a very busy schedule and therefore became very thin; but now Jessica is a lot better and has had some rest so she has put on weight.

There is always the constant rumours of plastic surgery in K-pop. Do you think SM’s statement will put the netizens at rest.


source: allkpop

picture credit: kpopstarz.com


SM releases second teaser for upcoming movie ‘I Am’

24 Mar

Having released the movie poster and and the first teaser already releases, now SM has released the second teaser for the exciting movie. The teaser shows footage of members of SMTOWN working hard in rehearsal and hanging out backstage at Madison Square as a big talented family. Many artists appear in the teaser including: SHINee; SNSD; f(x)BoA; Super Junior; TVXQ and Kangta.

The movie looks absolutely awesome and I can’t until it is released in May.

Check out the 2nd teaser below!