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Girls’ Generation – Romantic Fantasy – FULL SHOW 130101

1 Jan

Girls’ Generation’s comeback show aired today on MBC at 11:15PM KST, incase you missed it, here it is!


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29 May

That’s right!! wowkpop is finally BACK!! I am very excited.

First of all I would like to say thank you to those who waited for the comeback of wowkpop! I really appreciate it.

Secondly I want to apologise for my absence but now I would explain in full for those who have not read the text in the side bar…

So basically, I had a two weeks break from college and I spent a lot of that time working on that blog and becoming completely and utterly obsessed with EXO. My mother would always ask what I was doing and I would tell her that I was working on this blog but she never did see the importance of this blog and at one point threatened to take my laptop away (mostly cuz I needed to prepare for my upcoming exams). A similar situation happened with a fellow blogger friend of mine (shout out to exotown!) where her mom actually DID take away all internet access from her 😦 . It was at that point that it hit me because I saw great things happening for this blog, so I decided to reluctantly  take a break from this blog… the last thing I wanted was my laptop taken away. If you want to survive, you do not take internet access away from an obsessed  kpop fangirl so… I completely stopped this blog that I LOVED doing and I completely took myself away from me2day which I was also on a lot (i managaed to somehow get myself a twitter addicition in the process but that’s another story lol) and 6 weeks went by where I  prepared for my exams (which are all done with as of today). Now I’m back with some crazy new ideas of how this blog is actually going to take a dramatic turn soooo… LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!

Since my time is up as the comeback was supposed to be at 7 on the dot and it’s now 7:09 I will stop here…

But be sure to stay for my next post which will be up very soon, telling you how this blog will be going through awesome changes and another project which you could possibly participate on whcih will be up by the end of the week!

And don’t forget to leave a comment below! It seriously does make me even more of a happy fangirl when you leave a comment

-Mrs Sasmi Jong In Kim ❤

U-KISS reveal concept photo for upcoming mini-album ‘DORADORA’

18 Apr

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4minute release ‘Volume Up’ MV

9 Apr

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4minute’s mini-album ‘Volume Up’ tracklist released

3 Apr

The girls of 4minute are coming back and released their track list today for their upcoming mini-album. It includes their upcoming single as their title track, ‘Volume Up‘.

The track list is as follows:

01. Get On The Floor (Lyrics & Composition: Lim Sang Hyuk, Kim Dong Ryul)
02. Volume Up (Lyrics: Shinsadong Tiger, Rado, Yoohoo; Composition: Shinsadong Tiger, Rado)
03. I’m OK (Lyrics & Composition: Rado)
04. Say My Name (Lyrics & Composition: Seo Jae Woo, Seo Yong Bae)
05. Femme Fatale (Lyrics: M, David Kim; Composition: Kim Do Hyun)
06. Dream Racer (Lyrics & Composition: THE KOXX )
07. Black Cat (Lyrics: Min Yeon Jae, Jang Jun Ho, Gong Hyun Shik; Composition: Jang Jun Ho, Gong Hyun Shik)

Shinhwa‘s Lee Min Woo is credited as M and contributed to the lyrics of ‘Femme Fatale‘ along with the group Dalmatian‘s Day Day (David Kim).

source: allkpop


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Shinhwa’s secret message to fans in Venus MV

29 Mar

Be sure to watch Shinhwa‘s ‘Venus‘ MV on Shinhwa‘s official YouTube channel: SHINHWACOMPANY.

Shinhwa has put a secret message in their MV for their fans. The message is “Shinhwa Chanjo”, their fan club name. The correct romanization is “Shinhwa Changjo” which means: “to create a legend”. Shinhwa means ‘legend’ in Korean.

At the end of the ‘Venus’ MV, the message appears on the screen. It translates into: “Shinhwa Chanjo Forever.” This was put in the music video to show love for the fans that have shown a lot of support for Shinhwa.

This was a really nice gesture by Shinhwa and has had a very good response by Shinhwa fans.

You can watch the MV here.

The legends, Shinhwa made their return to the game on M! Countdown today with an awesome perform that was well recieved.

Check out their performances here

CNBlue release MV for ‘Hey You’

25 Mar

Finally CNBlue comeback is more eminent with the release of their MV for their title track ‘Hey You‘ on their new mini-album: ‘Ear Fun’.

The boys of rock are back with another awesome track…

Check it out below!


CNBlue and Shinhwa will comeback next week on Music Core

24 Mar

Music Core put on a great show today and built up hype for the comebacks of the legendary Shinhwa and rock group CNBlue, who will be making a comeback on the show next week, by releasing videos for both the comebacks!

Shinhwa‘s comeback teaser

Shinhwa will be releasing their full length 11 track album entitled: ‘The Return‘. They will have two title tracks ‘Venus‘ and ‘Hurts‘. This is a very exciting comeback as they are coming back after 4 years. The album is their 10th and this year will mark their 14th year as a group.

CNBlue‘s comeback teaser

CNBlue will be releasing their third mini-album: Ear Fun. The album has six tracks including ‘In My Head‘ and ‘Hey You‘.


BIGBANG’s win #1 on M! Countdown + more performances

22 Mar

M! Countdown had another amazing show this week with an amazing comeback from SHINee. BtoB made their debut with their two title tracks ‘Insane‘ and ‘Imagine‘ and MBLAQ had their goodbye stage for their songs ‘Beautiful‘ and ‘Run‘.

The show was MC-ed by Tony An and MBLAQ‘s Joon and Mir.

The competition was tough today as Big Bang, 2am and John Park fought for the number one spot, but it was Big Bang that came out on top in the end!

Congratulations Big Bang!


Today’s winner


Hot competition:

John Park


Big Bang


Special stage:

B1A4 performs CNBLUE – Intuition


Goodbye stage:




SHINee’s Sherlock Comeback on M! Countdown

22 Mar

SHINee made their first comeback today for their amazingly infectious comeback track: ‘Sherlock’!

SHINee’s success of their new mini-album is evident as their topped iTunes charts all over the world within hours of the digital release!

Now they are coming back to broadcast amazing performances to promote their mini-album even more. All the fans will love the presence of SHINee on music shows. SHINee’s M! Countdown performance was as expected a great stage and full of exitement! They performed ‘Sherlock’ and another track from their mini-album: ‘Stranger’, along with their intro.