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Infinite Trend Again!

7 Jun

Inspirits have done it again! #INSPIRITS5thWIN is trending on twitter after their win today.

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U-KISS reveal concept photo for upcoming mini-album ‘DORADORA’

18 Apr

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EXO-K’s Explosive Performance on M! Countdown

12 Apr

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Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’ reveals footage from EXO’s showcase

5 Apr

Footage from the debut showcase of SM Entertainment‘s upcoming super group ‘EXO‘ has been released onto Korean TV for the first time ever.

The boys of EXO put on two awesome shows one day after the other. The first showcase was at the Olympic Park in Seoul on March 31st, the second showcase was held in China at the University of Business and Economics in Beijing. With Super Junior‘s Leeteuk MC-ing at the Korean showcase, the event was very enjoyable for all who attended. At the China showcase, the members got to answer questions from fans all over the world that sent their questions via videos through YouTube. EXO revealed information about the members that had never been revealed before.

The members also put on awesomely explosive performances of the teasers that were released on to YouTube and Youku. They also performed songs like ‘What Is Love‘, ‘History‘, ‘Into Your World‘ and their upcoming debut single ‘MAMA‘.

We can also see in the footage that was released on Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’; behind the scenes footage from EXO’s photo shoot for their album jacket photos for their debut mini-album.

The footage shown shows just how immensely popular EXO are, not just Korea and China but all around the world, even though they have not yet made their official debut.

Check out EXO’s segment on Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’ below!


source: allkpop | image: XsportsNews


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Kim Tae Won asks Jay Park: “Aren’t you a part of 2PM?”

30 Mar

On yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 2’, MC Kim Tae Won asked quite a shocking question to Jay Park regarding the group, 2PM. Everyone on the studio seemed to be shocked by this question.

Kim Tae Won asked, “Aren’t you 2PM? Aren’t you part of the group?” Kim Tae Won seemed to really not know what happened three years ago. Jay Park was the leader of 2PM to begin with but he left the group back in late 2009 because of a scandal.

Jay Park however, handled the situation quite well and responded to Kim Tae Won in a polite way saying that he was no longer a part of the group. Kim Tae Won then went on to shockingly ask why Jay Park had decided to part ways with the agency.

Other MCs on the show then started to voice their complaints, asking him why he had brought up such a sensitive topic. Kim Tae Won replied, “I’m just trying to make him less nervous.”

Jay Park responded by saying, “A lot of things happened back then and now I work alone.” He then went on to say, “Working solo, instead of being part of a group, has its advantages because I get to make music that I want to try.”

Kim Tae Won asked, “Was this hard to do in a group?” Jay responded, “Because it’s a team. I can’t be selfish.”


SHINee’s Sherlock Comeback on M! Countdown

22 Mar

SHINee made their first comeback today for their amazingly infectious comeback track: ‘Sherlock’!

SHINee’s success of their new mini-album is evident as their topped iTunes charts all over the world within hours of the digital release!

Now they are coming back to broadcast amazing performances to promote their mini-album even more. All the fans will love the presence of SHINee on music shows. SHINee’s M! Countdown performance was as expected a great stage and full of exitement! They performed ‘Sherlock’ and another track from their mini-album: ‘Stranger’, along with their intro.