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EXO Kai Featured in Inkigayo Magazine

25 Jun

exo kai

Oh My Gosh ~ EXO were featured in Inkigayo magazine and I just love the way that they described Kai!
“He makes eye contact with everyone in the audience on a regular basis and he doesn’t hesitate to express his affection with his cool and low voice that makes you want him to speak more… The best way to describe the charms of Kai is “undefinable”.”


EXO were featured in the June 2012 issue of Inkigayo magazine.

Check out Kai‘s part here…


Birthdate : 1994. 1. 14

Blood Type :  A

Psychic Powers : Teleportation

Position : Main Dancer

Speciality : Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, locking)

How many singers are capable to give a dramatic feeling with their dance are there? There is no other word but “art” to use to describe the god-given aptitude Kai possesses. When he gets on stage, his unique dreamlike gaze gets wild, you can see a dark aura coming from him. Moreover, if you look at his appearance capable to make a puppet of his fans, you would think he and the maknae Sehun do ‘oppa cosplay’. Even with his pokerface that gives a strong impression and makes it impossible to know what’s inside of him, this man is surprisingly famous for his breathtaking fan service…

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SHINee wins Music Bank + other performances

13 Apr

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EXO-K show off their live vocals for their debut Music Bank

13 Apr

EXO-K had their second debut stage today, this time on KBS’ Music Bank. Continue reading

EXO-K’s Explosive Performance on M! Countdown

12 Apr

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EXO’s mini-album official track-list revealed

4 Apr

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EXO-K debut teaser on Inkigayo revealed

1 Apr

As previously reported, EXO-K will be having their official debut stage next week on Inkigayo.

On the April 1st broadcast of SBS’ Inkigayo EXO-K’s 11-second teaser was shown for their debut stage that will be on April 8th.

Each member of EXO-K was shown in the teaser with a group photo at the end and the instrumental version of their second prologue single ‘History‘ was playing in the background.