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Eunhyuk and Donghae release their full PV for ‘Oppa Oppa’ Japanese version

5 Apr

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INFINITE release special video for ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’!

3 Apr

a present for the Inspirits

INFINITE has just released their teaser for their encore concert, ‘Second Invasion – Evolution‘ and official clips of the concert have been uploaded by Infinite’s agency, Woolim Entertainment. The concert was previously streamed live on YouTube.

The special video is 2 hours and 18 minutes long. It shows exclusive footage of the members of INFINITE from their debut days up until now (including their music videos). Five performances from the ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’ concert are also shown.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and check out the video below.

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Shinhwa’s secret message to fans in Venus MV

29 Mar

Be sure to watch Shinhwa‘s ‘Venus‘ MV on Shinhwa‘s official YouTube channel: SHINHWACOMPANY.

Shinhwa has put a secret message in their MV for their fans. The message is “Shinhwa Chanjo”, their fan club name. The correct romanization is “Shinhwa Changjo” which means: “to create a legend”. Shinhwa means ‘legend’ in Korean.

At the end of the ‘Venus’ MV, the message appears on the screen. It translates into: “Shinhwa Chanjo Forever.” This was put in the music video to show love for the fans that have shown a lot of support for Shinhwa.

This was a really nice gesture by Shinhwa and has had a very good response by Shinhwa fans.

You can watch the MV here.

The legends, Shinhwa made their return to the game on M! Countdown today with an awesome perform that was well recieved.

Check out their performances here

SHINee releases official ‘dance version’ of Sherlock MV

26 Mar

After releasing  the music video for Sherlock and a dance practice video, SHINee has released an official dance version of the Sherlock music video.

Check it out below!

CNBlue release MV for ‘Hey You’

25 Mar

Finally CNBlue comeback is more eminent with the release of their MV for their title track ‘Hey You‘ on their new mini-album: ‘Ear Fun’.

The boys of rock are back with another awesome track…

Check it out below!


SHINee releases MV for Sherlock!

22 Mar

Finally, after days of teasing fans with photos, a teaser video and rumours floating around, the music video for Sherlock has been released.

The music video is awesome. There is a Sherlock Holmes theme as the members try to figure out a mistery and there is outstanding choreography.

I’m loving their style ~ they all look so good!

What do you think? Check out the MV below!


BIGBANG’s Comeback Show Alive [ENG SUB]

16 Mar


You can watch the SBS BIGBANG Comeback Show now available with English subtitles.

The SBS show shows performances of songs in the Alive mini album and backstage footage from the ‘Big Show‘ this year, including interviews from the BIGBANG members, showing them talking honestly about the hardships the group suffered in the past year, their almost breakup and how they are now moving forward together as a group.

Viewers can really see how close they came to going their separate ways and how close they are now. VIPs can be proud of their boys as they reveal thoughts and emotions never revealed before on any show this year.

BIGBANG’s Comeback Show is highly recommended to any VIPs; and you can watch it in full with English subs via the link down below!

SBS BIGBANG Comeback Show: Alive