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SM release entire complete EXO showcase [ENG SUB]

7 Apr

The full footage of EXO‘s showcase that was held on 31st March in Seoul, previously reported on by wowkpop, has now officially been released by SM Entertainment. Now you can watch the entire showcase from beginning to end. Continue reading


SM finally release official footage from EXO’s showcase [ENG SUB]

6 Apr

It took some time but the official footage uploaded on SM Entertainment‘s YouTube channel from EXO‘s showcase is finally here.

The footage shown is from EXO’s Korean showcase held on May 31st. EXO-K and EXO-M are both set to debut on April 8th. Their debut mini-album, ‘MAMA‘ is to be released on April 9th.

Watch part 1 of the showcase below! Stay tuned to wowkpop for updates on the rest of the showcase.

Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’ reveals footage from EXO’s showcase

5 Apr

Footage from the debut showcase of SM Entertainment‘s upcoming super group ‘EXO‘ has been released onto Korean TV for the first time ever.

The boys of EXO put on two awesome shows one day after the other. The first showcase was at the Olympic Park in Seoul on March 31st, the second showcase was held in China at the University of Business and Economics in Beijing. With Super Junior‘s Leeteuk MC-ing at the Korean showcase, the event was very enjoyable for all who attended. At the China showcase, the members got to answer questions from fans all over the world that sent their questions via videos through YouTube. EXO revealed information about the members that had never been revealed before.

The members also put on awesomely explosive performances of the teasers that were released on to YouTube and Youku. They also performed songs like ‘What Is Love‘, ‘History‘, ‘Into Your World‘ and their upcoming debut single ‘MAMA‘.

We can also see in the footage that was released on Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’; behind the scenes footage from EXO’s photo shoot for their album jacket photos for their debut mini-album.

The footage shown shows just how immensely popular EXO are, not just Korea and China but all around the world, even though they have not yet made their official debut.

Check out EXO’s segment on Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’ below!


source: allkpop | image: XsportsNews


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EXO Showcase in China was a great success!

2 Apr

Continue reading


Confirmed Dates for EXO’S Debut Showcases – April debut

24 Mar

Finally a date has been confirmed as to when EXO will come down to earth from their exoplanet.

After 4 months of teasing and teasing the fans of EXO by SM, a video has been released to officially confirm that EXO wil be making their debut on March 31st at 5PM at the Olympics Park in Seoul and on April 1st at 4;30PM in the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing!