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SHINee wins Music Bank + other performances

13 Apr

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Big Bang’s mini-album ‘Alive’ passes 250,000 mark in sales!

13 Apr

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SHINee releases official ‘dance version’ of Sherlock MV

26 Mar

After releasing  the music video for Sherlock and a dance practice video, SHINee has released an official dance version of the Sherlock music video.

Check it out below!

Taemin boasts about his pretty boy looks in SHINee interview

25 Mar

KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ went behind the scenes on SHINee‘s advertisement shoot and the members sat down for an interview with them.

Taemin‘s Sherlock concept teaser photos had received a lot of attention as they showed Taemin shirtless, showing his thin frame and change in image. When asked about these photos in the interview, Taemin replied, “I’ve always been the one with the pretty looks. Through this photoshoot, I want to show a more masculine side.” The other SHINee members burst into laughter saying that he was showing off his looks. Taemin retorted, “But when I went topless, my body was like that of a child…” The members continued to joke saying, “This is another show off!”

You can see the boys of SHINee having fun at the shoot and wishing you to look forward to the rest of the rest of their promotions.


SHINee’s Sherlock Comeback on M! Countdown

22 Mar

SHINee made their first comeback today for their amazingly infectious comeback track: ‘Sherlock’!

SHINee’s success of their new mini-album is evident as their topped iTunes charts all over the world within hours of the digital release!

Now they are coming back to broadcast amazing performances to promote their mini-album even more. All the fans will love the presence of SHINee on music shows. SHINee’s M! Countdown performance was as expected a great stage and full of exitement! They performed ‘Sherlock’ and another track from their mini-album: ‘Stranger’, along with their intro.



SHINee releases MV for Sherlock!

22 Mar

Finally, after days of teasing fans with photos, a teaser video and rumours floating around, the music video for Sherlock has been released.

The music video is awesome. There is a Sherlock Holmes theme as the members try to figure out a mistery and there is outstanding choreography.

I’m loving their style ~ they all look so good!

What do you think? Check out the MV below!


SHINee releases MV teaser for ‘Sherlock’

18 Mar

It has been a SHINee whirlwind the past few days with their comeback getting closer and closer.

Now SM Entertainment have released SHINee‘s teaser for their upcoming music video for their comeback track, ‘Sherlock‘.

Check it out here!