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My response to Yang Hyun Suk’s “The idol-fad is over”

30 Sep

CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk was interviewed recently and in one portion of the interview he said that the “idol fad” is over. Of course this has given kpop fans a lot to think about and made me want to write a post responding to what YG said. I think, it’s best that you read the article if you have not done so already before you read my response. 🙂

When reading this article, my greatest confusion was over the word “fad” lol. Either Yang Hyun Suk actually did say this or it was put in the translation. What I think he meant by this is that the idol “era” is over, or idols being the centre of success in the music industry is over. Idols are the most successful and carry the hallyu wave strongly than ever today. But is this all over? Continue reading


YG releases trainee video for Kim Eunbi and Euna Kim

6 Apr

YG Entertainment has released a clip of two of their trainees singing to Sam Sparro’s hit song, ‘Black and Gold’. The two trainees seen in the video are already known to the public eye as Kim Eunbi is a former contestant from Superstar K2, and was confirmed as a member of YG’s new and upcoming girl group in November 2011. It was announced on April 4th that Euna Kim had joined the YG company as a trainee and had been training for the last few months making excellent progress. Euna Kim was a former contestant on Superstar K3.

Now the girls have joined for a video just released on YG’s YouTube channel.

Check out the video below!


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Yang Hyun Suk thinks CL is very ugly

28 Mar

CL revealed something quite shocking about YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

On March 27th, the YG Special episode of Strong Heart was aired and all YG artists revealed very honest things about themselves. CL at one point was asked if she had any negative feelings or was dissatisfied with Yang Hyun Suk. And she replied, “I actually do. He keeps saying that I’m ugly.”

“He bluntly tells me that I’m ugly. CEO Yang once visited us while we were rehearsing for our concert. I didn’t have any makeup on at that time and when he saw me, he told me ‘You’re very ugly’, she revealed. CL then went on to say, “We were just rehearsing so none of us had makeup on, but after hearing those words, I was a little hurt by it.”

Poor CL.