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Super Junior’s 6Jib ‘Sexy Free and Single’ – Sentence Review

1 Jul

So as I was listening to this album, I seriously thought it was awesome. The sound of 2012 Super Junior definitely comes through in this album and it makes me feel that they are going to make music as Super Junior for many years to come ~ because they’re awesome like that. While listening to the=is album, I felt myself going back to my old ELF self that I used to be ~ so it was definitely a well made album 🙂

There were some songs on the album that were… well, let’s just say I couldn’t even get all the way through some of them, and the others  I just didn’t get a great feeling after listening to them.

There were more songs on the album that I really loved, more what I didn’t love. It was really nice to hear Kangin’s voice again aswell because he has such a manly and soothing voice, definitely one of my favourite vocals in Super Junior, along with Ryeowook, Siwon, Yesung, Donghae and Kyuhyun.

There were a lot more “ballads on the album than I thought there would be. It seemed there was like it kept purposely bouncing back from ballad to pop-song and I really liked that. I was refreshing.

So going in order of the tracklist of the album, I will give a short review (one sentence) for each track.

Warning: if you are a sensitive ELF because I will be basically saying what I thought after I heard the track once for the first time and it will be straight to the point. I’ll probably go over one sentence sometimes, but I’ll try to keep it short and simple. 🙂

Here we go!

1. Sexy, Free and Single

“Sexy Sexy Sexy”

OK, so if you follow me on twitter, you would know that I listened to this track like probably 20 times last night when I was listening to it for the first time. It was mostly because I felt like I couldn’t grasp it, or understand what was going on in the song, but I really really loved the song. I think it’s the absolute perfect choice for the title track of the album; even though the Engrish is a little cringey lolol!

2. From U

“This song is dedicated to the biggest fanclub in the world. The ELF. My girls, my angels…”

^^That line right there just surprised me (in a good way of course) and automatically put a smile on my face. I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. This is definitely my second favourite song on the album after ‘Sexy, Free and Single’. Thank you Super Junior for this song ~ it was just so dayumm cute.

3. Gulliver

First reaction to this song: Ok…ok…. say whAAt!!

Mayn! You have no idea! I was listening to this song late at night and I had to turn it off! That whole “Gulliver Gulliver Gulliver” was so dayumm scary. I got through as much as I could before I jus clicked on the next track. All I can say is… that was some scary sh!t. *shudders*

4. Someday

Beautiful. This was the first “ballad” on the album and it was really refreshing. The way it built up was just how I like a ballad and the sound of their voices was just heaven, with the little piano riff and the sudden appearance of the saxophone and Kangin! Again, thank you SuJu so much for this song. Definitely one of my favourites on the album ;D

5. Now

I came back the next day listening to this with a new mind, really excited to get back into listening to SuJu’s already-proven-awesome. This song shifted from pop rock inspired to dance and by the end of it, I was thinking it really reminded me of one of those tracks Girls Aloud had on their first album (if you don’t know Girls Aloud, then I’m sorry for this reference). I didn’t really like this song much because it sounded to pop-rocky and after kpop, I don’t really like that kind of music anymore…


After the disappointment with ‘Now’, I saw the title of the next track and thought “oh no” ~ this’ll probably be another rock inspired track. But it totally wasn’t. I didn’t like it though. Not at all. To the point where I couldn’t get through the whole song. Can someone tell me what was with the “Oh. MY. God. I’m. So. Hot.”??

Seriously, when I heard that, my reaction was exactly this:

And then the chorus rolled in and I had to click on the next track. The song sounded like a nerdy Korean version of LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’, I heard the same keyboard riff from ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ aswell. -_-

7. Bittersweet

A nice relief after Rockstar, definitely. It was just another ballad on the album, which surprised me. I’m sorry ELFs, I warned you, but in my opinion, it sounded like an outdated Christmas song. 😥

8. Butterly

That’s what I’m talking about. Super Junior’s 2012 sound “bounced” out from this song. And when I heard to the dubstep in there, I was like Dayumm!! 😀 I was proper dancing to this one. I love the catchy “Bba bbi yong bbi bba bba bba bbi yong!” This song is awesome. One of my favourites on the album 🙂

I was basically like this, as soon as I heard the song start to play:

9. Daydream

I nice relaxing song. There’s not much I can say about this one. I liked it. Thumbs up SJ!

10. A ‘Good’ Bye

A very nice closing to the album. Another ballad. How could I hatethissong. I can’t right? Lolol. This one was quite upbeat and I really liked that beat. The atmosphere of this song. I feel like I really need to look up the English lyrics of this song because I really want to get a better understanding of this one. I feel like, the way they sing it portrays a certain emotion.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little review. I don’t think not one of those songs were just one sentence like I planned, but it was close. LOL!

I hope you wasn’t offended, I tried to be as gracious as possible while still putting out my opinions. But like I said to start with, this is a really good album, and I’m totally completely excited for Super Junior’s comeback stage and the MV for the title track!!! 😀

Please comment below! What was your opinion on the album?

My Bias List – part 2

4 Jun

My Bias List..

KPOP Terminology: “Bias”: the favourite group a kpop fan has or the favourite member of said group the kpop fan has 🙂

This is a concept that kpoppers get very excited when talking about it. The list of top favourite groups and their biases from those groups. This subject is something that I find very interesting when hearing about others’ bias lists and I always have fun sharing mine on the internet in some form. I’ve never done it in full though, so as someone who loves a wide spectrum of k-pop groups, my bias list is long but I will only explain my absolute top groups that I follow the most and love the most and get me excited the most! The rest I will include in a less detailed form.

My bias list will include my fav groups (from most favourite to least favourite); my bias in that group and my favourite song from that group.

So… here we go!

#2: Super Junior

SJ! Like dis!

What can I say about Super Junior? I just love them and all their pairings and fanservice. Super Junior is a group that really moves my heart. Behind all their success and fame, there are many broken hearts of ELFs that have shared Super Junior’s pain over the years. SuJu is one of the most disfortunate groups in k-pop because of the most many horrible thingd that have happened to them: you know… things that I won’t go into in the post.

But they are also one of the most fortunate groups in all of k-pop~ their success is shown by their countless mutizens around and hit songs, album sales, the title of  being the first asian artist to hold a solo concert in France, performing all over the world in venues like; Madison Square Garden, Tokyo Dome. They are also the owner of what is arguably thr best k-pop song in HISTORY: Sorry Sorry.

Damn, there’s so much to talk about with Super Junior. I love that they are like the kings of fanservice. Noone can do fanservice like SuJu can. My favourite couple in EunHae. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

 Oh! SnAp! Did I just go too far by putting loads of Super Junior porn all up in this post lolol. But seriously, no other group in kpop can do what Super Junior do when it comes to fan service. They truly amaze me into a whole other fiction world. It’s just so real for me… oddeohke


Member bias: Siwon and Heechul

Out of all the 13 (+2) members of Super Junior my absolute two biases have to be Siwon and Heechul. Although I do love all the members of Super Junior and Ryeowook and Donghae do follow closely behind. SiChul who are tied in first place on my SuJu bias list.

The Very Controversial Member Award goes to: Kim Heechul. I don’t know if Heenim is actually bi-curious or what but I can see that he thoroughly enjoys his extreme fanservice that he gives us on stage. Heechul is VERY entertaining in many ways, and VERY beautiful lol. I remember watching SuJu on ‘Come To Play’ where the members voted Heechul as the weirdest member (Yesung following closely behind) and I totally agreed. But he is just EPIC! Through everything he’s come through, through the years from even losing his passion to be a singer, he still carried on as a member because he loves his fellow Super Junior family and his Petals (holla!) so that’s why I love him. I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet like Kim Heechul. He’s quite like me in that sense lol.

And the Hottie McHottie Member Award goes to… Choi Siwon! Yes, like everyone who knows Siwon whether they are a male or female, they will admit that Choi Siwon is completely SEXY!

He seems to love his gay-fanservice aswell (even though it is kind of a sin…lol) just like he loves his shirtless-fanservice. He just really loves his fangirls.

On top of his sexiness, I really do love Siwon as a person. And as a Christian myself, I really love that he is a strong Christian man, sometimes even sings gospel songs at SuJu concerts. I think that’s really cool of him. Siwon also seems quite childish aswell, that’s another thing I love cuz it’s just so funny sometimes. How he’ll laugh at EunHae messing about with eachother or something…

Talking about his talent, I never fail to be AMAZED by his acting. I watched the drama ‘Oh! My Lady’ just for him and I loved him even more after that. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend that drama ~ if you haven’t already seen it. It is AWESOME!

I think that Siwon will make the perfect husband …and daddy.

Favourite song:  ‘Sorry Sorry’

Like I said before, SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ is arguably the best k-pop song EVER! In my opinion, although my favourite song is forever changing all the time, nothing can beat ‘Sorry Sorry’. That song is just a BAD-ASS-EXTREME-EPIC song.

It was actually one of the first songs that I heard when I got into k-pop, so it means quite a lot to me. Everytime I hear it, I can’t help but sing along and dance along (unless I’m in public, cuz then I will do it in my head). It is one of the four songs I first ever got up and learnt that dance to; along with SNSD’s Gee and Genie and Brown Eyed Girls’s Abracadabra. I kind of failed at it and I can’t remember most of the dance moves but I don’t think I have ever seen a cover of that dance that any one has done perfectly. It’s just one of the awesome but very very difficult dances and that the only way to perfect that dance would be to spend months and months training with the original choreographers. It blows my mind how the choreographers came up with those extraordinary dance steps when they listened to that song. That dance is just as EPIC as the song, it has sweeped across all nations. Ei’m sure you’ve all seen that videos of those inmates dancing to Sorry Sorry 😀

If ‘Sorry Sorry’ is not the best k-pop song ever, then it’s surely the most famous, right? There’s is not one k-pop fan that does not know that song; even if they are not a Super Junior fan. Everyone loves ‘Sorry Sorry’. It’s also the song that transferred Super Junior from boys to men. Just face it, Super Junior definitely BLEW UP when they started promoting that song. The mutizens and tears show it all.

And that’s why ‘Sorry Sorry’ is my favourite song by the legendary Super Junior.

So uh… here we are again, make sure to tell me you’re bias list in the comments below. I want to hear the ELF on this one. If you like, you can answer the questions: Who is the top 5 in your bias list? Bias group – bias members – favourite song.

Leave your answers in the comments below. I would LOVE to read your bias lists so  please tell me, arraseo?


Super Junior – Sorry Sorry MV

 Super Junior – Sorry Sorry @ SS2 (DVD)

so far on the list:


#3 EXO