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This Week’s Kpop Music Monday is… Wonder Girls – Like This

12 Jun

This week, Simon and Martina reviewed Wonder Girls’ music video for ‘Like This’!

See what awesome-ness Simon and Martina got up to in this latest KMM!


This week, the Showdown is between  ‘Wonder Girls – Like This’ and ‘B1A4 – Beautiful Target’, you can watch the Beautiful Target MV here:

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This Week’s Kpop Music Mondays’ is… BIGBANG’s Monster MV

5 Jun

This week, Simon and Martina reviewed the Monster MV from Big Bang. Although Infinite’s ‘The Chaser’ was at the top of eatyourkimchi’s kpop charts for most of the week, VIPs brought Monster to the top in one day!

Check out Simon and Martina’s entertaining review here:

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This weeks Kpop Music Mondays is… EXO – MAMA

9 Apr

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Kpop Music Mondays: B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry

3 Apr

This weeks Kpop Music Mondays’ was a review of B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry

Simon and Martina are back with another hilarious, entertaining review of B1A4’s music video for Baby I’m Sorry.

Thanks Simon and Martina for yet another awesome video!

check out their wesbsite here.

and their YouTube channel.


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