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Outsider gets married

31 Mar

Being a fan of Outsider and great respecter of his amazing speed-rapping skills, it’s a pleasure to bring this great news.

Outsider was married on March 31st.

The wedding between Outsider (28) and his wife Kim Young from the rock band Eve, took place at 5pm KST at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

Outsider’s wife leads a ballet group and a cultural contents organization. The couple met through the Kim Young’s mother who worked in the concert business and introduced them to each other.

Outsider who is currently in military training said, “During military training, I had the thought that it might be fate. The love between each other has deepened so we decided to get married.”

The rapper also revealed how he proposed, “I got another set military dog tags and stars with our names engraved on them. It was a simple but emotional moment. I’m so happy.”

Congratulations to Outsider and his new wifey, Kim Young!


source: allkpop and nate


Kim Tae Won asks Jay Park: “Aren’t you a part of 2PM?”

30 Mar

On yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 2’, MC Kim Tae Won asked quite a shocking question to Jay Park regarding the group, 2PM. Everyone on the studio seemed to be shocked by this question.

Kim Tae Won asked, “Aren’t you 2PM? Aren’t you part of the group?” Kim Tae Won seemed to really not know what happened three years ago. Jay Park was the leader of 2PM to begin with but he left the group back in late 2009 because of a scandal.

Jay Park however, handled the situation quite well and responded to Kim Tae Won in a polite way saying that he was no longer a part of the group. Kim Tae Won then went on to shockingly ask why Jay Park had decided to part ways with the agency.

Other MCs on the show then started to voice their complaints, asking him why he had brought up such a sensitive topic. Kim Tae Won replied, “I’m just trying to make him less nervous.”

Jay Park responded by saying, “A lot of things happened back then and now I work alone.” He then went on to say, “Working solo, instead of being part of a group, has its advantages because I get to make music that I want to try.”

Kim Tae Won asked, “Was this hard to do in a group?” Jay responded, “Because it’s a team. I can’t be selfish.”