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My Complete BIAS List (Top 20)

20 Jun

My Bias List..

KPOP Terminology: “Bias”: the favourite group a kpop fan has or the favourite member of said group the kpop fan has 🙂

This is a concept that kpoppers get very excited when talking about it. The list of top favourite groups and their biases from those groups. This subject is something that I find very interesting when hearing about others’ bias lists and I always have fun sharing mine on the internet in some form. I’ve never done it in full though, so as someone who loves a wide spectrum of k-pop groups, my bias list is long but I will only explain my absolute top groups that I follow the most and love the most and get me excited the most! The rest I will include in a less detailed form.

My bias list will include my fav groups (from most favourite to least favourite); my bias in that group and my favourite song from that group.

So… here we go!


and now we have come to the time of the unveiling of MY COMPLETE BIAS LIST!


Niga saranghaji, Sorry I’m a bad boy | Geurae charari tteona jal gayo, You’re a good girl

it’s BIGBANG yo!!

Bias member: T.O.P | Favourite song: Lies


#2: Super Junior

Super Junior! The Last Man Standing!


Bias member: Siwon & Heechul | Favourite song: Sorry Sorry


#3: EXO

EXO tteona oneul bame!

Bias member: Kai♥♥♥♥♥ | Favourite song: MAMA

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B2utys demand apology from KBS

3 Jun

Beast’s fans (B2utys) have been demanding an apology from KBS who aired the Dream Concert this year. B2utys have formed an online petition on Daum agora to get KBS’ attention and an official apology from KBS. Their goal is to reach 50,000 signatures. So far, the fans have obtained about 8,200 signatures on Daum agora, showing that there is a lot of support for this cause.

It was May 12th that the concert was held with many big stars in attendance, such as: TVXQ, SNSD – TaeTiSeo, T-ara, Kara, Infinite, Teen Top, EXO-K, Ailee, Davichi, 4minute and many many more. Most of the performers two of their hits songs or atleast one. Beast also performed at the concert and apparently performed two of their hits: ‘Fiction’ and ‘Shock’. However the problem is that when the official footage from the concert was aired as a show on KBS on May 30th, fans (including myself) were shocked to see that half way through the concert, Beast finally came on stage and performed ‘Fiction’ but half way through the song, their performance was cut to commercials! After seeing this myself, I was very surprised and I knew that B2utys were definitely not going to be happy about this as I would be if it was one of my top bias groups.

It has actually turned out that not only was Beast’s performance cut to commercials befor it’s end, but fans that attended the concert have said that Beast also performed ‘Shock’ and that was actually completely cut out of the tv broadcast.

Upon seeing this Beast member, Yoseob tried to reassure his fans by tweeting, “Hehe Sometimes things like this and that happen! Don’t get too upset! Then you won’t be able to sleep. Beauties go to bed!” and comforted the fans.

The fans have written, “This is an incident that occurred at the ’2012 I Love you, Korea Dream Concert.’ All the artists sang their greatest hits, at most two, at least one song. However, when Beast was performing ‘Fiction’ between the first and second half of the concert, the performance was edited to go straight to the introduction of the second verse. Then a commercial was aired, and that’s how it ended. Those who were at the event say that Beast performed two songs. However, one song was cut in the middle and the other was completely left out. Not only those of the Beast fandom, but if there are fans of other artists who would feel that KBS2 should sincerely apologize if the same happened to their favorite artists, we would be grateful if you signed this petition.”

Here is what was shown of Beast’s performce at the Dream Concert (aired on May 30th).

Tell what you think of KBS cutting of performance. What was your reaction when you saw it?? Have K-B2utys done the right thing by forming a petition?? Answer in the comment section below this post 🙂 pwetty pwease :))))

source: soompi