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I just updated the “About” page

29 Jul

Yeah, I just updated the about page so, please have a look.

Infact, I kind of deleted everything that was there and wrote something entirely new. It represents how wowkpop is now, along with some pretty gifs to set to mood lol.

So er… take a look yo!


120530 = wowkpop announcement

29 May

Tomorrow I will be making a very important announcement.

It will have something to do with a sister blog to wowkpop that will most likely be in full swing by the end of the week. It is also something that you can possibly get into as I will be looking for admin of different roles for this blog immediately.

All I have to say now is EXO fans ~ keep a look out ~~ especially my fellow Kai fans, you better get ready for this one! xD

I’m actually really excited for this!!

I was supposed to announce this today but it’s quite late now where I live and I need to start getting some structure in my sleeping patterns now that my exams are all done lol. So look forward to the announcement tomorrow, because I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Look forward to more posts on wowkpop tomorrow as well!


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Comment below ~ i’ll love you even more if u do! xD


Confirmed Dates for EXO’S Debut Showcases – April debut

24 Mar

Finally a date has been confirmed as to when EXO will come down to earth from their exoplanet.

After 4 months of teasing and teasing the fans of EXO by SM, a video has been released to officially confirm that EXO wil be making their debut on March 31st at 5PM at the Olympics Park in Seoul and on April 1st at 4;30PM in the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing!