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Ridiculous Assumptions Made About Kpop Fans

28 Jul


Firstly, I must apologise for not writing a post in so long; the next paragraph will explain.

So it’s finally time to write another post. You know why? Because I’m angry. I’m angry at the narrow-minded people not just in other countries, but the people that I know personally. Now, I don’t want to disrespect anyone, but seriously I just don’t get how some people’s minds work.

I was actually planning on writing a post like this after reading a post by Angry Kpop Fan and finding that I had been through the exact same thing, being a kpop fan (you probably have too). Continue reading


Jo Kwon’s Adult Computer Accessories revealed

20 Mar

Ballad group 2am were the main guest stars on a recent episode of KBS2’s Star Life Theatre that was broadcast on March 19th.

In this episode, 2am‘s dorm was revealed and the most shocking part of this dorm tour was when Jo Kwon‘s room was shown. Jo Kwon showed the cameras around his room saying, “I’ve been using the bed the Wonder Girls used in the past. It’s the best G.O.D members used to use in the past. My fans felt bad and they actually gifted me a new bed.”

Jo Kwon however, was totally caught off guard when at one point, he hid his computer mouse pad with his hand. The crew persuaded him to show what he revealed a mouse pad that was a picture of an anime girl, silicone added in the breast to make them raise out of the picture for a wrist rest!

Jo Kwon defended himself saying it was a present from a Japanese fan, but it didn’t end there; Jo Kwon computer screen had a photo of a woman lying in a sexy position. Seeing this, Jo Kwon turned off his computer saying, “Please pretend you didn’t see it. I’m a guy, too.”

There was a mixed reaction from Korean netizens, but overall the situation seems quite comical.

You can see the whole episode in here.