What’s the deal with SS501?

15 Jun


Side note: SS501 fans, please don’t hate me. I wrote this post because I was interested in the whole situation of SS501 since I first got into k-pop  a few years ago. Although I don’t listen to SS501’s music, I still cannot even figure out if they are popular/famous or not. So please, if you are a fan tell me after reading this post 🙂

So this will be more of a question for you all. Like, what’s the deal with SS501?

I still can’t work out whether they are popular or not. I even did a little research on them and found out they are completely split into different companies but aparently are not disbanded? And they debuted in 2005 so they’ve been around for quite some time (same year as Super Junior). SS501 were one of the first groups I ever heard about when I got into k-pop. I continuously heard about them, I think becuase they are like 2nd Generation k-pop. But just being a k-pop fan I could tell that SS501 weren’t that popular. I thought they would be since they’ve been going since even before groups like Big Bang and Super Junior but I can definitely tell their popularity is NO WHERE NEAR the likes of Big Bang and Super Junior. SS501 aren’t going on big Asia tours like some of their juniors are.

I know Kim Hyun Joongs quite popular because he was in Boys Before Flowers which is considered to be a classic Korean drama but he isn’t that popular because I remember despite having all that popularity and two awesome songs last year: ‘Break Down’ and Please’, he didn’t win loads of mutizens in his 2011 round of promotions.

The other members aren’t that talked about like Kim Hyun Joong is. I only know Kim Hyung Joon because he is the older brother of the former U-Kiss member, Kim Kibum 😦 and he has a very similar name to Kim Hyun Joong so it’s very easy to remember his name. LOL!

I don’t know if SS501 were just as active and talked about as groups like SHINee or a group like that when they were still together but please tell in the comments below if you know because SS501 are very interesting. And if they are not disbanded when exactly are they going to promote together again?

If you know the answer to the SS501 dilemma, or are a fan of them, please tell me in the comments below.

Thanks! 😀


7 Responses to “What’s the deal with SS501?”

  1. Minaal Zahid July 23, 2014 at 12:35 AM #

    I’m sorry but, SS501 was way more popular than Super Junior when they were still active LMAO

    If the guys solo can go on tours themselves I think that says something. Not to mention they completely sweeped all the awards in 2005 as the best and most popular rookies, whereas Super Junior (a group from SM, mind you) got a whopping 0.

  2. kim April 14, 2013 at 12:14 PM #

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to read this comment but I’d like to answer in case you’re still confused. I’ve been a Triple S for 5 years now. They did joined different agencies but they did say that SS501 is not disbanded and a comeback will happen in the future. When? Nobody knows. The reason why Triple S are waiting and very positive is because the members of SS501 really believe that a comeback is possible. Why doubt them, right?

    Now about their popularity. If you check the daum cafe ranking (the ranking for popularity of idols in Korea based on the number of members of artists’ official fanclub) for March 2013, SS501 is at no. 5, they rank higher than Super Junior who’s at no.6 but of course, TVXQ is no.1. SS501 never placed lower than no.5 for the past years despite not being active as a group. So yeah, I’d say they’re pretty popular.

    So why don’t they seem popular? It’s because the fanbase is a quiet. SS501 never had a scandal so big it became a headline. Triple S are peaceful because we don’t complain much, we have nothing to complain about. Though we do protect the boySS against bashers, we tend to avoid fights and fanwars because the members don’t really appreciate it. SS501 know how to discipline their fans and we don’t like to disappoint them. I guess and hope most of us have matured enough not to start fights with younger fans. SS501 are peaceful people so we, fans, try to live by their example. We do support them but we do it quietly. We buy their albums and attend their concerts and fanmeeting. In case you don’t know, their events are always well-attended if not sold-out. Their solo albums always do well in charts though their singles don’t get number one. I guess Triple S like physical albums, not digital sales (downloads) which is the basis for ranking in music shows.

    That’s it. I hope that helped :))

  3. I Magallanes March 24, 2013 at 4:59 AM #

    I think the best way to really get to “know” who they are/ were when they started is to watch the Mpick series . It really shows who they are/were I think anyways. I became a fan late after they disbanded but I still love them very much. I follow what they are all doing seperatly as a fan in the US. There is/was something about them as a group that i cannot explain but really loved. There are so many Viedos on youtube to watch some of their concerts are really touching and kool too. I became fan like many others from Boys over Flowers and the songs. They say they will come back I guess only time will tell on that one.

  4. siti January 21, 2013 at 5:23 AM #

    Hai.. i’m Triple S .. you can call me as a new fan of SS501… hehe.
    well, i’m not really into this group at first when i know about kpop.. as you said, Super Junior and Big Bang or even DBSK were most well known if we talk about KPop…

    Kim Hyun Joong is really popular after involved in acting drama ‘Boys Over Flower’ but for me it’s just him not SS501. I heard SS501 so many times and doubt as you said “what’s the deal with SS501′ and you know what i’m hardcore fan for Suju and DBSK before… ngeee~

    Until one day, i accidently click on MV ‘Let It Go’ by Heo Young Saeng.. It’s so awesome.. He’s part of member SS501.. why i didn’t know him? aigooo~ such a waste i didn’t know him.. is what i’m thinking before.. then i search about him, as well as SS501’s members, their songs.. their tv show.. and it’s just so hilarious.. starting on that.. mmm.. how to say it, i’m in love with them:)))) so much in love<3 sorry, i'm not Cassie or ELF, but Triple S right now and ever…:) but i just knew them after they when to different company but as Triple S believe SS501 will reunite again.. Just wait and believe them:)

    If you want to know about them, just search Thank you for waking me up, thank you for raising me, SS501 Idol World Summer Adventure, SS501 Reds Go Together, wonderful days, big mama and many more.. it's so hilarious.. and believe me they are so humble and appreaciate their fans.. 5 persons represented 5 colours of personality and becomes 1.. that's why their fans a re really loyal to them:)

  5. m&m December 27, 2012 at 4:36 AM #

    What I understood from the whole matter is that yes their contract did end. But because when they tried to renew their contract DSP did not want one of the members back. So SS501 cant really go on without every member. So I guess they have moved on to other contracts: like Kim Hyun Joong now getting popular. And so they stated SS501 isnt exactly disbanned they will always have that friendly bond wheather they have a contract or not….SS501 WILL LIVE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. I will forever be a fan even if they do never come back. This is just my take on it….SS501 FIGHTING!!! LOVE U OPPAS!!! ;D

  6. lucy June 15, 2012 at 6:42 PM #

    well what you said is basically what happened to them..the reason why they went in to different companies is because their contract ended..i have heard they were gonna make a comeback as a group but that never happened (or least it didnt yet..)..and so far i only one of the member (Heo young saeng) have made his solo comeback after SS501 went into different companies..thats all i know..hope it helps 🙂

    • wowkpop June 16, 2012 at 12:24 AM #

      Thanks for the feedback, it helped! 😀 That’s kind of what I understand of them aswell ~

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