MV review for Teen Top’s ‘To You’

30 May

Wassup followers!

After seeing the full released MV in my subsription box on YouTube, I watched it straight away and I was amazed from the beginning to end. It was actually better than I expected!

I thought I definitely have to do some kind of reaction/review on wowkpop.

The fangirling starts here!

So, uh… first before anything I suggest you watch the music video here before you read my review…

So first of I’d like to say that I c0mpletely LOVE this MV. Teen Top have comeback with a bang and I’m super excited to see this song performed live on music shows. Especially since the choreography is just… GAAAHHHH!! It really reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson ~ but that’s for another segment later on in this post.

I think first of all I’ll start off with the song in itself. It straight away gets away into that really cool groove and that “hooo-oo-hoo” that is the main interest in the song. Of course the singing is flawless because.. you know.. it’s TEEN TOP ~ these boys can SING! I actually love that the other members like Ricky and Changjo have been given more to sing in this song, it’s nice to see more of the maknae line in this MV.

(노래) The Song

After looking at the english lyrics of this song, I saw that this may seem like a feel good at first it’s actually about a break up. There seems to be a one-sided love going on, this time Teen Top are the ones to feel sad for as it looks like they’re trying to give the girl their love but she’s not responding! 미친 여자  -__- It’s OK Teen Top their’s plenty more fangirls in the sea lolz.

(뮤직비디오) The MV

Moving on to the actual music video… I actually had to watch this a few times to get a good few times to get a good review out of it ~ mainly because it’s so good and the first time I watched it I was just shocked and fangirling over Changjo’s dancing and L.Joe’s pretty face ♥_♥ (and also wondering why Niel was singing in the bath with his clothes on…)

There’s actually so much to say I don’t know where to start. I still don’t know what the hell was going on in that storyline for one. Most of the members seemed to be chasing after that mysterious delusional girl that left them for some odd reason, but there was another story going on with fanfic facourites L.Joe and Chunji ♥. The other members seems to stay out of eachother’s way throughout most of the MV, but these two seem to have some kind of moment like they’re totally at eachother’s throats. So I don’t want to “paraphrase” but here’s the thing: L.Joe and Chunji are both in the same room, they already look like they’ve been in some kind of fight and then L.Joe gets up out of his seat like he can’t take it anymore. He storms over to Chunji and starts rapping at him like the first scene of G-Top’s conflict in Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV. Then at around the 2:42 mark we have an intense break from the song in the music video where Chunji and L.Joe are proper up in eachother’s faces (let your fangirl minds wander here :D). Yeah I really don’t know what happens at that part.

Just saying…

 (방) The room: I just HAD to comment on the room cuz that was one of the first things I saw in the muic video. I love the room that Teen Top are dancing in!!

The way it consists of cubes it kind of reminds me of organized chaos. I think it fits what the song is about quite well because of what they are going through in their minds, it must be really fustrating. The rooms adds on to this even more ~ so.. I like it!

(춤) The Dance

O.M.G! One word: CHANGJO!!

I swear mayn. This dance is so MJ. I see bits of Rain aswell especially when they’re all in the underground parking aswell. I remember someone commented on the video saying that the dance reminded them of a 90s Kpop dance and I totally see that aswell. I REALLY want to know who choreographed this dance because whoever they are, they are seriously genious at coming with the moves for this music. AMAZING. The dancing really blew my mind. I’ve always thought that Teen Top were probably one of the best groups in kpop when it came to dancing as well as groups like Infinite, U-Kiss, SHINee, but the footwork in this really surprised me. I really didn’t see that one coming.

Gahhh! The fancy footwork, the “arrogance”, the originality. Ahh 정말 미치겠네!!

Like.. they seriously put a LOT of effort and energy into this dance. I wonder how long it took them to get this dance just perfect. Just look at the scene in the underground parking area, IT’S SO RAIN! It reminds me a lot of Rain’s old music videos like ‘How to Escape from the Sun’ and ‘Still Believe’.

And then Changjo comes in and starts doing all this sexy footwork… ♥♥♥ No! Changjo! Don’t ruin my bias list! He’s too young 😦

But still ~ Dayumm ~that boy can DANCE! I never really knew he was like a better dancer than the others cuz lead singer Niel was always (mostly) in the front when they were dancing and I thought the members all looked on the same level when it came to dancing. I was really surprised started to doing all these impressive energetic dance moves. No when I watch that part of the MV, I can’t help but chant: OOH! Go Changjo! Go Changjo!

Funny hows it usually the dancing machines that usually hold the key to my heart (Kai, Taemin, Rain…) unless it’s my Choom TOP ofcourse lolz!
I really can’t get a good screencap of Changjo’s dancing so you’ll have to see the amazingness in action for yourself 🙂

Another point to add on…

Mayn… don’t you just hate it the little bros of k-pop grown up. I’ve always wondered what will happen with the members of Teen Top when they’re no longer teens anymore and now I see Ricky the little cutey that looks a lot younger than the actual maknae, it really reminds me that Teen Top are growing up. Ofcourse, Niel, Ricky and Changjo will always be younger than me but still… they made our little Ricky look all… cool and like a bad boy gangsta type. That was one of the first things I noticed when I started to watch the MV. I mean, he still looks adorable no matter what but that cutie-boy style has just flown out the window! Noona-fans? You better watch out…

Well uh… I guess that’s it guys *nervous laugh*. That was actually my first time ever doing an MV review so it kind of sucked. But I promise you now that if I ever really want to do another MV review I will definitely get better. From now on look forward to more variety on wowkpop ;D

Please leave a comment ~ it will truely make me a happy fangirl if u do… xD


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