Rain considers getting plastic surgery

11 Apr

King of K-pop Rain was appointed as the ninth PR ambassador for the Military Manpower Administration recently. It was April 10th that Rain attended the ceremony to be appointed for this new role at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office. He met with the press and other juniors that were soon to enlist.

A press conference was held one reporter joking asked Rain about double-eyelid surgery. Rain is notorious for his single eyelids as they have become his trademark look. At the press conference, Rain talked about his past and how various people told him to undergo plastic surgery to get double-eyelids and he has up until now refused such surgery or any surgery.

Fans were shocked at Rain’s response to the reporter as he replied, ” I haven’t completely crossed off the plan of going through double-eyelid surgery. I may consider it again when I get older.”

What do you think of Rain’s response? Leave a comment below!


source: soompi


2 Responses to “Rain considers getting plastic surgery”

  1. Jeannie October 23, 2015 at 8:38 AM #

    Rain (Bi) should keep his look he is so handsome, He has kept his gorgeous natural look all this time, why change. I love Lee Min Ho and I think he is still very attractive but I think he went overboard with the cosmetic surgery. I know it’s Rain’s life and it would ultimately be his choice, but I hope he keeps his single eyelids. Remember the Ranism video when they show the close up of his eye looking at you. Wow I must have re-winded the video several times just to see that distinctive look.

  2. rain on me June 13, 2015 at 6:50 AM #


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