EXO Debut Stage Extravaganza [Coming Soon…]

11 Apr

SM Entertainment’s new leading rookie groups EXO-M and EXO-K have officially made their debut. EXO-K debuted on 8th of April on SBS’ Inkigayo, and EXO-M debuted on the same day at the ’12th yin yue feng yun bang awards’ in Beijing, China. Since SM Entertainment first officially announced their new boy group (originally called ‘M1’ as a code name) in January 2011, the fans have been teased continuously. Now the time has come, the 12 members of EXO are no longer just trainees and have gained fans from all over the world, not just Korea and China, even though their debut was just on April 8th! They have proved themselves to be an absolute super group with an awesome breakout music video and exciting energy-filled stages to debut.

This ‘Debut Stage Extravaganza’ will follow the boys of EXO on their debut stages, telling the stories of what went on on-stage and what was not shown on camera, also with photos and footage from both EXO-M and EXO-K’s debut stages.



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