SHINee poster revealed for upcoming movie ‘I AM’

9 Apr

SM Entertainment‘s upcoming movie ‘I Am‘ that is reported to be released this May, follows the stories of SM artists leading up to and at the SMTown live concert at Madison Square Garden, New York last year. It will also show a biographic record of SMTown artists of years of effort and hard work to reach their dreams.

The second promotional poster for this movie showed all the artists under SM together but now SHINee posters have been released. Showing individual shots of the members of SHINee in their daily lives with personal messages from them.

Onew‘s personal message wrote: “I am a genious.”

Jonghyun‘s personal message: “My MP3 contains 50,000 songs.”

Key‘s messgae shows that he has reached his dream as it reads, “None of my friends believed me when I told them that I will be performing at New York’s Madison Square Garden.”

Minho‘s personal: “Everything that has happened to me since my debut is like one complete film.”

Finally, Taemin‘s personal message was, “I’ve always wanted to be dramatic.”

These SHINee posters are th first posters that have been indivially revealed from the SM artists, but posters of each group will be coming very soon.

Remember to watch the movie ‘I AM’ as it will be coming out next month in May!

For now, check out the indiviidual posters below.

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