JYP Entertainment to take legal action against Twitter account harrasing SoHee

9 Apr

JYP Entertainment have revealed that they will be staking legal action against a twitter account that has been maliciously sexually harrassing Wonder Girls’ member Sohee.

Officials have already taken notice of the account and told the owners of the twitter to stop, but the tweets have just gotten much worse. This has forced JYPE to come in and do something about this horrible victimisation.

It was on April 8th that JYP wrote on their official twitter: “After spreading malicious and false tweets intended to defame Ahn Sohee, we asked that the account either edit or delete the tweets as per our request. Instead of taking the appropriate actions, however, the account raised the level of hatred and continued to defame Ahn Sohee. Therefore, we are warning the account that if all tweets regarding Ahn Sohee are not deleted by noon of April 9th, we will be filing a report to the Kangnam police for a cyber crime investigation.”

Unfortunetly the account owners have not responded in the right way, tweeting, “Catch me if you can. I’m not deleting anything. Why are you threatening me with conditions?”

Officials of JYP went on to say, “After discussing the issue with our company’s legal team, we have decided that legal action is required. We will be filing a report should the account not delete the tweets by the specificed time.”

source: allkpop



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