Leeteuk apologizes for April Fools’ Day joke

7 Apr

It seems that Leeteuk is forced to apologize yet again for another incident. This time Super Junior‘s leader is apologising for the trouble that was caused alongside with his April Fools’ Day joke.

Leeteuk shared his cell phone number on his personal twitter and on April 6th, he typed, “Please forward all calls to this number! All other numbers no no! I personally apologized to those people. So only this number! See this number? But only one call! My phone is ringing nonstop.”

On April 1st, Leeteuk shares the first three digits (prefix) to his cell phone number on his twitter, but as the number was incomplete, his fans added the digits ‘1004’ which is pronounced as the word ‘angel’ in Korean and is his twitter handle ‘special1004’. The netizens then called this number repeatedly but it turned out tha this was just an average Korean citizen and was not Leeteuk’s number at all. The owner of that number was outraged as all Leeteuk’s fans continued to call him. As soon as Leeteuk realized what had happened he revealed his full real number so that the citizen wouldn’t bothered anymore, but this did not work out perfectly and the citizen still recieved many calls after that.

Netizens who read Leeteuk’s tweet commented, “Is this phone number real? I’m relieved that Leeteul apologized.” “It’s not Leeteuk’s fault.”


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