Has Joy left Rania?

4 Apr

Rania fans seem to be left confused by a tweets left by Rania member, Joy on her personal twitter, shortly before deleting her account on April 1st. This doesn’t seem to be another April Fools joke.

The tweets left by Joy were written in Thai and suggested that she may have left the group Rania and no longer had a contract with Rania’s agency, DR Music.

One tweet said, “To everyone, I’m sorry I let you guys down so many times, but I’ve been thinking about it for months. I think I can’t go back to stand on that place anymore.”

Another message said, “I can’t go back anymore. Thanks for all of your love and all of your hope, thank you so much and I feel so sorry that I [am disappointing beloved fans]…From now…I think I can’t be in the Entertainment [industry] or back to be a singer anymore since I was sick…But I haven’t got any confidence to go back to do it. I’m sorry that I made you all have to wait for me…and I made you all feel confused. Thank you so much for gifts, kindness, love that you give me. Thank you.”

DR Music has not given any confirmation as to regarding that Joy has left the group, she is still listed as a member on Rania’s official website.

Joy’s twitter account is still deleted so we will see what happens next.

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