G-Dragon caught Seungri downloading adult videos!

4 Apr

On April 3rd episode of Strong Heart (the second part to the YG special), G-Dragon revealed a little predicament he caught Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri in.

G-Dragon started off by saying, “This may not be surprising because it’s about Seungri, but…”

He went on to say that while Big Bang were in New York to film their music videos, Seungri borrowed manager’s laptop for a while.

“Looking at the browsing history after Seungri used the laptop, there were a lot of pornographic videos with blonde ladies in them,” he went on to say, “The internet speed was so slow because we were overseas that he couldn’t even finish downloading the entire video,” that last point caused everyone to explode into laughter.

Seungri tried to defend himself by saying, “I’m a huge fan of the Kia Tigers professional baseball team, and I was simple downloading clips of baseball to watch.”

(The word ‘porn’ has the same characters as the term ‘baseball videos’ in Korean. ‘Baseball videos’ is 야구 동영상 and ‘porn’ is 야동).

source & image: allkpop + bigbangupdates


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