EXO’s mini-album official track-list revealed

4 Apr

It has been circling on-line that the official tracklist for EXO‘s mini album is here and here they are now.

SM Entertainment‘s new super group, EXO’s mini-album is called ‘MAMA‘ after the highly anticipated song that was performed at the groups showcases in Korea and China.

The mini-album contain’s 6 tracks, including the title track ‘MAMA’. A few of the tracks we have heard before.

The track list is as follows:

1. Mama
2. What Is Love
3. History
4. 니的世界 (Angel)
5. 雙月之夜 (Two Moons)
6. Machine
MAMA is the song that was peformed at the EXO showcase, the teaser for the music video has also been revealed;
as for What Is Love, this is the EXO’s first prologue single and also the first full song that was released to hype up the debut of EXO;
History is the second prologue single;
Angel is rumoured to be the full version of the well-loved ‘Into Your World’, but we’ll see about that;
Two Moons that was featured as one of EXO’s 23 teasers, Kai and Lay were in this teaser and it is the song known for SHINee‘s Key being in it;
Machine is an awesome dubstep inspired track that was used for teaser #5.
Album jacket photos have also been released:

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