Won Bin to get married on April 31st

2 Apr

April Fools continues.. with a very crafty trick from one netizen.

A ruckus was caused on April Fools, as one user went on various sites like online community boards and social networking sites, leaving a caption that said, “Won Bin’s marriage.”

The fake post went on to say, “Won Bin will be holding a wedding ceremony with a model who is six years younger than him.  They have been in a relationship for the past three years.  Won Bin announced the marriage on March 31st through his official fan cafe website, ‘Binus'”.

Fans who saw the post desperately searched for more information and confirmation on the matter, and found out that the whole thing was a joke.

Comments were left by fans saying, “I clicked on the thumbnail while in tears”, “I know it’s April Fools Day, but I was still shocked”, and “I can allow anyone else, but just NOT Won Bin, just not him…”

Were you fooled by this very clever joke?


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