IU reveals she has a boyfriend on Inkigayo

2 Apr

As another addition to the many April Fools jokes yesterday, IU decided to play her own joke on SBS Inkigayo.

As the three MCs were going to introduce the next performances, IU suddenly said, “I actually have a surprise announcement to make today. When I get a boyfriend, I’ve always wanted to reveal it on ‘Inkigayo’ first. Since it’ll be difficult to reveal his name, I’ll just leave a video message for him.”

The other two fellow MCs, Kara‘s Nicole and Goo Hara, joked around asking if IU’s boyfriend was Taeyang. IU replied that it was not the Taeyang they were thinking about.

IU then looked straight into the camera to begin her video message to her boyfriend, by saying, “Darling…” But then revealed the whole thing was a joke by saying, “Just kidding.”

IU then went on to confuse the viewers by saying, “Is this really an April Fools joke?”

Cool joke IU, were you fooled?

Check out the footage of the IU cuts below, starting at 4:20 into the video.


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