Op-Ed: EXO’s debut song!

31 Mar

So I’ve recently come to the conclusion that EXO are 12 ninja-robot-aliens. ‘Ninja’ because of their flawness dance moves; ‘robot’ because of their precise perfection and ‘aliens’ because they are from the Exoplanet. Their is more to it than that but uh… I just thought I’d share that with you guys.

Basically, this post is about the recent rumour that has been going around as of late saying that EXO will be debuting with their popular song: ‘Into Your World.’

If you don’t recognise the song by it’s title, here’s teaser #23 as a sample.

Now this song has appeared in a few EXO teasers and therefore is quite

popular amongst the EXOtics that are anticipated the debut of EXO. According to rumours that have been floating around very recently, SM Entertainment may have seen how popular the song is (even though we have not heard all of it yet) and decided to make it their debut song. However from what I see these are just rumours and to just give my personal opinion of this possible situation… I am not too happy with the possibility of ‘Into Your World’ being EXO’s debut single.

I absolutely adore the song. I just want to make that clear. I am someone that is very fond of ballad-esque songs and SM puts out a lot of good ballad-type songs thanks to Yoo Young Jin, just like: TVXQ’s ‘Before U Go’; SM the Ballad’s ‘Hot Times’; even EXO’s ‘What Is Love’. What Is Love was my absolute favourite song for a very long time (until History was released). I also love a lot of drama ost songs, so I’m definitely not one of those people that automatically won’t like a song just because it’s a ballad.

^^But my point is that I have found myself to be in the minority in that respect. There are many K-pop fans that would pick ‘Fantastic Baby’ over ‘Blue’ any day, or ‘Keep Your Head Down’ over ‘Before U Go’. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just a taste of music and everyone has their different likes and dislikes. I’ve seen this happen so many times especially in K-pop though to the point where it becomes q

uite sad: e.g. At the time of when Wonder Girl’s Tell Me was released and became an immediate hit with a dance that swept the nation, another song came out around the same time. You may have never heard of it, you may have: Brown Eyed Girls -I Got Fooled By You.

This song could have been a bit more popular at that time if only it wasn’t a ballad. Now we all know Brown Eyed Girls but most of only because of their smash hit back in 2009: ‘Abracadbra.’ ‘Abracadabra’ was a dance song; do you see where I’m going here?

I see it all the time – and you’ve probably noticed this aswell – on music shows many artists perform but the ballad singers hardly get any recognition in the charts or as much fans cheering for them during their performances because they don’t have as large a fan base as the big groups like Super Junior or Big Bang. Even the groups with a huge global fanbase, their ballad songs don’t do aswell as their big dance tracks.

I’ve gone a bit off track here trying to explain my point but the idea is that I don’t think it a wise decision on SM’s behalf to  make ‘Into Your World’ EXO’s debut single.

I really thought EXO-K could be one of the first groups to actually win a mutizen for their debut single. The reason I thought this was because, the interesting way in which SM Entertainment have marketed these boys with their 23 fascinating teasers; their 2 prologue singles; and EXO’ modelling for W Korea and High Cut magazine, makes the situtation possible because EXO probably have more fans globally anticipating their debut that many other groups had before their debut. Because it has been 4 months since their first member: Kai was revealed, the EXOtics fanbase has grown and grown and now EXO have their own fan subs and fan clubs and they haven’t even debuted yet. I have actually never seen something like this – to this extent.

I’m thinking that it would be a shame for EXO to debut with a ballad-esque song like “Into Your World”. It’s alright now because everyone is loving the song but when EXO-K have to stand on stage and perform on shows like: Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, M! Countdown, etc. can you really see them an award with that song. It’s possible; ofcourse it is, but I believe that soon enough people will get tired of the song because… well, it’s a ballad, and then EXO will not be getting the support they need on those music shows to win a netizen award like they deserve.

We can all see it and no one can say otherwise that EXO is a very hard-working group. Like I said before, they are like ninja-robot-aliens. They just seem so perfect and out of this world in their dancing; singing; looks; personalities; images; EVERYTHING! I’m not even fan-girling right now. I honestly feel this way.

I found out that their second prologue single ‘History’ is not on their album track list, but if they were debut I would rather have them have a big dance track that EVERYONE can love and do dance covers to. If EXO can spark off a rapid dance craze on their debut just like miss A did with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’, that would be awesome; it would be powerful and EXO could prove how awesome they are. Their are plenty of songs that we have heard samples of out of the 23 teasers that could be a possibly amazing dance track title song.

1. My Lady
2. Time Control
3. Metal
4. Machine
5. Lightsaber
6. Run & Gun
7. Black Pearl
8. Into Your World
9. Phoenix
10. Let Out The Beast
11. Two Moons
12. What Is Love
13. Emergency

I will like to say again that I love ‘Into Your World’, I think it’s beautiful, I seriously cannot wait to hear the full song and I do wish it would do well as a title track, but in reality, EXO need a big dance track to start them off. At least then they can move on to the ballads like ‘Into Your World’.

For now, we will all have to wait to see, EXO debut showcase which will be happening within just hours. Fans all over the world are counting down the hours to the start of the showcase and we will be able to hear the full versions of the songs on their album. AWESOME!

On a last note, I will love their debut song no matter what it is. EXO Fighting!!!


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