Girls Generation’s Yuri joins Super Junior’s Siwon for Mamonde.

30 Mar

On March 30th, Girls Generation‘s Yuri was officially announced to be the model for famous Korean cosmetic brand: Mamonde. This means Yuri and Super Junior‘s Siwon will both be the company’s facial representatives.

Mamonde’s producer, Amore Pacific said they put Yuri in to add a fresh energy to the brand. They said, “Yuri’s exceptional talent and popularity transcending gender and all ages make her the perfect model to represent Mamonde, a brand that’s gaining popularity not just in Korea but also China.”

Amore Pacific went on to say, “By adding Yuri, who has a clean and energetic image, we believe Mamonde’s image as a global brand will only be enhanced, especially with the help of Choi Siwon, who has been working as our first official male model since last year.”

Yuri has released a statement to express her gratitude of being the main model for the brand, “I’m happy to be the main model for Korea’s main cosmetic brand that I’ve been a long-time fan of. Please look forward to the many charms I’ll come up with Mamonde.”

It was just last year that Siwon had a 21-day skin repair tutorial series through Mamonde’s official YouTube channel. You watch the first video here:

The rest of the series can be watched here.


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