BIGBANG’s 5th Mini Album: Alive [Album Review] part 2

14 Mar

5. It’s not funny/Ain’t no fun

LOVE IT. Every time I listen to this song, I always imagine a really cool swag dance routine. Ain’t no fun has that coolness we are used to with BIGBANG but it also has a new sound which is really good to hear.

This is  probably the most interesting song on the album in my opinion. The way that BIGBANG sing in the verses is unlike how I’ve ever heard them sing on any of their other tracks or albums. It’s hard to explain and it’s best if you listen to the song yourself but you can tell they were having fun with this song and trying something new.  Like in Bad Boy, GD and TOP share the chorus but at different points in the song. Their voices make an awesome contrast and that’s a big reason why I love them as a sub-unit group. TOP sounds kind of… how do I say it.. out of it (?) in his version of the chorus. I could picture him doing the ‘migraine skank’ at this part. But I love it and the way all the members sing on this track  makes it really interesting. This is definitely one of my favourites on the album; probably my favourite after Bad Boy and the next track…

6. Fantastic Baby

Wow, fantastic baby.. What can I say, I’m in love with this song too. I think everyone loves Fantastic Baby. The fans’ response whenever BIGBANG perform this song live is amazing. They really get into the song. The release of the Fantastic Baby music video was like the release of ‘Tonight’ for BB’s 4th mini album last year: immense.

This is that special song on the album for all those people who just can’t stick ballads and love the really big powerful dance tracks. This song is the explosion I was looking for in Blue. I’m really glad they made a music video for this song because it just makes it that bit better, although I think the music video is really weird, but that’s a story for another time…

From Daesungie’s first big note, we hear the sudden effective “Wow, fantastic baby.” The song breaks out from being still into an explosive dance for the chorus. That’s why this song is so infectious. The lyrics fit really well because it really does make you want to dance. In fact, I can’t even listen to this song without dancing, it’s impossible. My favourite part of the song has to be T.O.P’s “Boom shakalaka”! Only a handsome blue-haired man with natural swag overflowing from his bones can make “Boom shakalaka” sound SO SEXY ❤

Fantastic Baby is a song that sets an image of BIGBANG all their VIPs letting loose and having fun at a club. After the hardships they’ve had through the past year, it’s nice that they can now let go of that and have fun on stage with Fantastic  Baby.

I’ll go ahead and put the live version up because the energy in their performances of this song is absolutely AMAZING..

7. Wings

Finally, last but definitely not least, is Daesung’s anthem-esque song: Wings. Daesung really deserved a solo track on this album and I was really happy when I saw that he did. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from this song, because I didn’t really like ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ that much and I only listened to Wings in full when I received my copy of the album. But when I heard it, I really loved it straight away, especially as the chorus hit. It reminds me of one of those old Jonas Brothers songs as it is pop-rock inspired but it also crosses over to a dance back track as well. This song seems to cover a few genres of music and I love how they managed to do that so beautifully.

The aspect that really makes the song special is Daesung’s voice. I really believe he has the best and most powerful voice in all of YG. This album is really showing off Daesung’s vocals especially in Fantastic Baby and Wings, whereas in BB’s 4th mini album I remember being dissapointed that Daesung didn’t get much lines. I’m glad Daesung has finally been getting his time to shine recently.

Wings really is a nice ending to the fun roller coaster ride of the album. The lyrics also seem to be be breakup related but contain positive lyrics that make you feel good and again take you away from what could be a very depressing song. Overall this is a real feel good song, containing the motivational lyrics of:

Today, it’s okay, shout out louder yeah – good things will happen
It’s alright for tonight since it’s so beautiful so cry louder yeah
I will hug you, at this moment just fly high and jump


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