BIGBANG’s 5th Mini Album: Alive [Album Review]

14 Mar

What’s up K-poppers!

This is the first ever Kpop album review from wowkpop and it’s my favourite Kpop group: BIGBANG!

As you all know, BIGBANG recently released their 5th mini album: Alive and my physical copy finally arrived at my door  yesterday, so I’m going to give my view on the album. Anyway enough of my rambling: here’s for the review.

The physical copy of the album is of very high quality, the from cover is real metal and the album’s logo has been cut out fo the front to get an awesome artistic, futuristic effect.

The first track; the intro: Alive

Alive has a strong drum beat but also sounds like your typical dance song from BIGBANG. I’m really liking this intro, even though it hasn’t received that much love and I know why. It isn’t one of those intros that blow your socks and makes you want to hear a full version of it, e.g. U-Kiss – Before Yesterday; Beast – Before the Shock; Super Junior – Superman (just to name a few). But it’s still quite an enjoyable intro that really does make you feel ‘alive’ and fits well into the rest of the album. 🙂

2. Blue

The first track to be released from the album as a single is… (please don’t hate me) not my favourite song on the album.

The first time I heard this song, I was bobbing my head to it but not really fangirling about their big comeback song. I was expecting something explosive since it had been so long since we had heard them sing together but I didn’t really get that explosion. It’s not because it’s like a ballad, because I’m not one of those people who won’t like a song just because it’s a ballad, in fact I do quite enjoy more mellow songs as well as the big dance tracks, but as a comeback song, I don’t think Blue was a good choice as the first track to release.

Although, if I think about it, I can understand their logic behind their choice. After a year of hardships and an almost break-up, they probably wanted their fans to hear their sorrow, rather than break out into a big dance track leaving their sorrows behind. It was probably a graceful gesture for them to release Blue first and it is still quite an enjoyable song. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Although I probably do still enjoy the other songs on the album more than blue.

3. Love Dust

Love Dust is a refreshing song. It sounds like a BIGBANG song but a little bit of inspiration to it as well. The song is about a breakup although the music is quite happy and creates an interesting contrast. I suppose the song was composed this way as to make it a break up song that won’t make you depressed, and I like that. 🙂 This is quite a popular song from the album and I can understand why, it reminds me of the kind of tracks they would put out back in 2007 or ’08, but it’s still a very modern sound.

4.Bad Boy


I absolutely ADORE this song. Bad Boy straight away became my favourite song as soon as the full version was released. Even when the teaser video for this song came out, I fell in love with the little segment of the song that I heard. It sounded like proper RnB and I’m definitely a fan of RnB. In the teaser, we only got to here Taeyang’s part in the chorus and I loved his voice in the song; I actually wanted the whole song to just have his voice on it. I couldn’t imagine the whole song with the other BIGBANG members and I thought it would ruin the song to hear the other members voices on it. Then I watched the longer Naver version of the teaser and hearing GD’s voice, I totally changed my mind.

You can just imagine what I was like when the MV came out and I finally heard the whole song. DAYUMM! I fell in love! If  a human being could marry a song, I would marry BIGBANG’s Bad Boy. GD’s “Uh … yeeah yeaah” in the beginning is just… LOVE *fangirl moment* and Daesung’s part – I love; I learnt the lyrics straight away. I also absolutely adore the chorus, it sounds so cool when GD sings it, and TOP’s version of the chorus gives off a totally different feel. The song over all is just on a whole other level of SWAG.

I love it because it reminds me of their music they put out in their gangsta days of 2006. They were very RnB and Hip Hop inspired back then and I miss that. This song allows you to reminisce back to those days but still seeing them as their new style that they have now…

Another thing to note: this song is perfect for doing the dougie XD…

Check out part 2 of the review.


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